Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Warm Now... But Not Earlier

The North Face trail running shoe

· Run Time -- 12 minutes 37 seconds (+0:21)

__· Temperature: 10º F (-12º C)
__· Total Trail Time: 51 minutes

· Trail Time in November -- 9 hours 15 minutes

____(starting Oct. 1)
· Weight Loss Goal -- 24 pounds (11 kg)
__________· So Far -- 8 lb.

Time to start running at the gym. I am absolutely NOT a gym person... but at the U of AK Fairbanks, they've got an indoor running track and I've got a pass from work so...

When I went on a run this afternoon as the sun was setting, twas 10 Fahrenheit. I was on the trail for less than an hour and when I got back -- twas 3 Fahrenheit. Nice of a cold front to come through without alerting me. Stoopid weather.

At this late hour approaching midnight: -7° F (-22° C) ... brrrrrr!

My wood-burning stove is firin' on all cylinders, so to say ... it's gettin' a workout! This, I do believe, is the coldest it's been all season so far. -10 is in sight, can almost feel it already!

Great run, though. Perfect even! Piece of cake. I have totally turned the corner post-tibia fracture. I'm absolutely on my way back to twenty minutes and beyond. Running the London Marathon in April is out of the question. I may have been on that path before my injury but now -- London '09. That's my goal. My first ever race will be that to raise money for charity. Lonnnnnnnnnnnng way to go before I'm even close to ready -- but I'm workin' in it!

Yeah, so it was a great run and +21 seconds from last time. But I nearly froze. I will die out there, literally my life will end, if I happen to twist my ankle badly enough and can't make it back... severe hypothermia will set in, made worse by sweating from the run. Death, like, fer sure.

So it's time to run inside for awhile. And here, once again, I can say that if I was in New England or New Jersey -- I want to live on Long Beach Island but since a closet there costs $300,000 and decent living accomodations more like $600,000, it'll probably be back to New England, place of my birth -- I'd be able to run without such a high chance of freezing my face off.

Or I could just stop running and go on medication for high blood pressure and then eventually get diabetes and live an unhealthy life, an American life.



Brooke Fraser

What To Do With Daylight



Saving The World
Still In Love
Waste Another Day
Without You

I'm so glad that I found about Brooke Fraser! What a GREAT debut album from this Kiwi who is now a member of Hillsong United in Sydney. This was the 2nd best selling album in New Zealand in 2004... not a single tune makes me even halfway bored. Her sound is really all over the place, a little jazz, a little reggae, some funk almost, piano accompaniment only, and a soft acoustic mellow track, but primarily a beautiful female "alternative" sound. And interestingly the lyrics to every (or nearly every) song are Christian in nature... but she never says God's name. Each time that there's a message it shines through in the brilliant songwriting. Fantastic stuff here. My favorites, with a portion of the lyrics:

Saving The World
Didn't I tell you everything's fine?
If there's a good and bad we're somewhere in between
Often I feel like we're all navigating blind
Could we get a change of pace to set the scene?

We could stay another day in this confusion
Let it permeate us 'til we can't move on

But while we're waiting we could try saving the world
Or are we storing that up for a rainy day?

Why do we, humans in general, just give at Christmastime or think something like, "I'd love to help, one of these days I will"??? Go, help, now, save this freakin' planet, the people who suffer so badly. Why wait?

I have this sinking feeling
Something's weighing me down
I am completely saturated
The waves are crashing closer
My feet already drowned
Doing the thing I said I hated

They've been swimming in the wrong waters
Now they're pulling me down
But I am clinging to you, never letting go
'Cos I know that you'll lift me out

Have your way here
Keep me afloat 'cos I know I'll sink without you
Take this ocean of pain that is mine
Throw me a lifeline

Wow. I have no words for that. Maybe I do. Feels like I don't, at least not when I'm gasping at how amazing that message is. People say God's a crutch. That's true, He is! And that's okay!!!! He's a crutch, He's a ladder, He's a helping hand, He's inspiration, He's a lifeline!!

I'm lookin' forward to spinning her follow-up to this, which isn't even a year old, and man, I already wanna pre-order her next album whenever that comes out!

192 kbps dload @ Som Cristão

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