Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chilly Mutterings

Kinda cold outside.

· on Cobb Road in Brewster, New York,
___not too far from Lake Carmel in Putnam County...

________48° F (9 C°)

· on Hiawatha Boulevard, in Oakland, New Jersey,
___out in western Bergen County, about 22 miles from Times Square...

________44° F (7 C°)

· in North Conway, New Hampshire... 40° (4°C)

· My backyard, Fairbanks, Alaska: -1° (-18° C)

Two whole days off the trail. I wanted to go for a hike today. Whew... now I'm not so sure. Football on TV today: no Bears, no Packers, and the games that are don't excite me at all.

It's that time of year now when we might occasionally have a few afternoon hours when temps are in the teens (Fahrenheit) ... but for the most part, it's only gonna get colder. We're a little more than a month away from near total darkness. The sun is barely rising above the horizon, not giving the day much of a chance to warm up. Probably everywhere between here and the Arctic Ocean is several to a dozen degrees colder... and they have even less sunlight.



Unconscious Mutterings

a free association game -- I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Treadmill :: Oh geez, don't even get me started on how the government should probably begin to require people to own one AND use one! Sure, why not, I mean, if it comes to America going the way of raising taxes to socialize health care for all, people ought to be REQUIRED to take care of themselves as best as they can. Healthier people will mean less need for doctors. Let's just hope we don't get to a point where politicians will raise taxes in order to, well, for any reason.

2. Stroke :: There's a theme here, at least with these first two words. Those who fail to exercise either on a treadmill or on a trail or on the sidewalk or on a track at the local high school or on an indoor track or on the road (you catch me drift right?) ... those people are more likely to experience a stroke. Yay. Isn't that special? So for your own sake and for the sake of people who don't want you dying quite yet, get a treadmill and exercise... or just go outside!!!!

3. Exclusively :: Exercise isn't exclusively for athletes. It's also very useful for FAT people and for people who give a crap about their health. What are you waiting for?!?

4. Lash :: eye... or a dozen lashes for each time you refuse to exercise.

5. Red carpet :: Disgusting and pointless extravagance by stars who really should be treated just like regular people, who should set examples by being humble instead of looking like they're so much better than the rest of us. Seriously, just 'cause you make more than a million dollars for a movie or a TV season, does that mean you have to waste so much money in your daily life: cars, clothes, home, etc? Hey, Oprah, children starve to death while I type all this and you sleep on $3,000 bedsheets!?!?!

6. Credit card :: Cut 'em up. Use cash, for goodness sakes.

7. Points :: 6 for a touchdown. Why?!

8. Domestic :: abuse... again: isn't that special? Men who beat up women are not men, they're pieces of crap.

9. 21 :: Ha... the legal age to drink in America. Growing up near NYC, in my late teens I drank in the city almost every week, it seemed, without getting carded. No problem. Had more than a few problems when I went away to college in Utah but never back in NY. Many friends I met through the years have had a story to go with turning 21 and drinking... not me. I had been so used to buyin' beers in a bar that it was truly an anti-climactic experience.

10. Inject :: Heroin... whoa, that's heavy. I never have, never will, that's some screwed up stuff. Thanks, Afghanistan!

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