Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reuben: The Debut (Re-up)

Here's another Re-upload.

This -- 3/17/91 Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland -- features the very first (of a whopping 4 Times Played) Reuben & Cherise.

I tried to put my confusion and lostness aside to give this show a listen. Didn't work so well. I feel like my life is in a huge state of suspended animation right now. Thanks to all who've expressed concern and best wishes. Tis appreciated. I'll get back on track eventually... I just don't know how and I don't know when.

Every day I've actually been listening to some music. It doesn't really help me any but when I'm on the trail running or hiking, being alone in my thoughts and in my sadness would drive me insane. Music doesn't take my mind off things but it prevents me from laying down to die. So I load into my mp3 player the likes of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and Jane's Addiction and Guns 'N Roses and Van Halen and Alice In Chains and Ministry. Not my favorites by any means, but they distract me a little from the crap that can't seem to get worked out yet.

Grateful Dead and Jerry shows I desperately want back in my life... but I'm not in a place where I can enjoy the tunes the way I know I should.

But I did (attempt to) listen to this show and from the amount of attention I was able to give it I can tell it's pretty good.

Up to this point in time (the date of the show,) Jerry (outside of the Grateful Dead) had played Reuben And Cérise 70 times from late 77 thru late '90 -- 13 years. Never a-once had the GD played it... until this first night of the 1991 Spring Tour. Magnificent. One thing I hear so well is Bob's rhythm guitar. It's like he's been playing this forever and he had never played on the song before. It's a damn shame the Dead played this only 3 more times -- twice more this tour and once early in Summer Tour. I mean, what the hell? Never a west coast performance!? That's where I was living at the time, in Utah; I didn't travel for Spring shows and I didn't see Summer Tour shows until halfway through the tour. My shows seen in the first half of '91 were in Oakland and Vegas... and they never played Reuben anywhere west of central Ohio. Ahh well, I have seen it by the JGB at the Warfield so I can get over my jealousy kinda easily here.

I didn't get to see a Reuben but the lovely Sugarmag got to see two of the four! Very lucky you are, Babe! I'm glad you got to see this wonderful tune.

Well, on to the show. Once again, utilize the patented slick ticket click trick to get to the original post with the new download links. Okie dokie? Enjoy.

Grateful Dead ticket for 3/17/91 Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland (borrowed from

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Lucab12 said...

I caught this R&C and the Buckeye one. Hey, at least the Mets have won 4 in a row.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated