Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jerry Warfield

A request I had was for a JGB show with Bob Dylan's Tears Of Rage. I checked and found not a single show that's a soundboard, unfortunately. So I picked one at random and here it is!

Jerry Garcia Band - Cats Under The Stars logo emblem dealie

Jerry Garcia Band -- April 13, 1990
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco

1st Set: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), Stop That Train,
Run For The Roses, Think, Señor, My Sisters And Brothers, Deal

Set 2: The Harder They Come, Tears Of Rage,
And It Stoned Me, The Way You Do The Things You Do,
Tough Mama, Like A Road, Midnight Moonlight

Once the tapers are sure their rig is capturing the show, we get to hear a pretty smokin' How Sweet It Is to kick off the first set. The sound of the recording isn't too bad, definitely Average to slightly above average. It's not terribly crowdy except for the tapers themselves talking between some of the songs. This helps complete the Warfield's ambiance on tape, perhaps? But probably super-annoying to others. They do shut up during songs so it's all good. As far as the music goes, Jerry's vocals don't sound like they're coming from way way back at the far end of a long room and instrumentation is fairly clear: Jerry's guitar doesn't get lost in the mix in any way, John Kahn's bass isn't quite popping through like one might like, it kind of blends with David Kemper on drums, but the sound of Melvin Seals on keyboards, on the other hand, shines when he's really cranking it up.

Think is especially hot in the first set. Melvin and Jerry are both completely on! Songs are brief and they come fast but each contains pure 1990 JGB perfection. From the little flourishes here and there, you can really tell that Jerry is enjoying himself. That's wildly evident in Deal to close the set. Jerry, once again, blows the roof off the Warfield, making sure everybody's price of admission was well worth it!

Ticket for Jerry Garcia Band - 4/13/90 Warfield Theatre, San Francisco

For the second set I've got to wonder if the tapers did something a little different with the mics to capture a better sound coming from the stage. Jerry's guitar seems a bit crisper for Harder They Come; it sounds really nice! It's interesting at one point to hear Melvin use a different sound on keys which gives the song more of a calypso/reggae feel than in years past.

This show has a bit of a Garcia rarity in set two -- Tears Of Rage by Bob Dylan. Jerry played this a grand total of only twelve times (this being the fourth of those) and no one east of California ever got to hear it played live by Jerry.

My favorite part of the show is probably Jerry's playing in And It Stoned Me. Absolutely delectable. Mmm! Tough Mama is also way hot. It doesn't have clear vocals but it's still so very good and it's only the second performance of this tune since 1982! One more here that could be my favorite is Like A Road... wow! Soooooooo nice. Ya can't beat it! Midnight Moonlight gets everyone seriously dancin' for the final few minutes.

There's no major jamming and some moments where the band merely hums along but for sure there are plenty of moments where Jerry's really into it which makes this a nice little Jerry show

ARCHIVE HEADPHONESJGB 4/13/90 @ the Internet Archive:
as of July 1, 2009, there's still no Garcia at the LMA.
Download The Show Here
Source: shnid=9459 Audio Quality:
Lineage: Front of Board Audience Nakamichi 700 mics
DAT Master

1st Set - 4/13/90 JGB JGB 4/13/90 - 2nd Set
mp3 320 kbps SBD + setlist (no lossless FLAC) 4-13-90 aka 04-13-90 aka 4/13/90 aka 04/13/90 aka 90-04-13 The Warfield Theater


Sugarmag said...

This sounds really nice! I think I need to grab this show. Thanks Baby!

Willard said...

Thanks for the link. We did the same. Looking forward to checking out your archives.

Lynn said...

i love this site, can't stay long right now but i'll be back and i'm bringin' friends. can't wait to get back here to read more.

Lucab12 said...

Thanks for the JGB. If you can ever post that Roch 91 show with encore I would be most appreciated.

Guldhamstern said...

Thank you very much.
Haven't listen to more than Tears Of Rage and that song sound very good for an audience tape.

Nice of you to meet my request in a very good way.

Thanks once again


alex borsody said...

i cant get into 90's dead that much

Zoooma!! said...

Hi Markus! I was happy to get that show up for you. I'm going to work on a few other Jerry shows first but if you come around in the future you might find another JGB 1990 show with another Tears Of Rage. I'll try to get another one. I'm guessing there's one with slightly better quality so if you're interested, Stay Tuned!

Lucab12 -- hey now! if you're reading this, was it 11/20/91 Rochester you'd like... or 11/10 Charlotte? I had 11/10 written down and I'd gotten that one and was hoping to post it. If you want Rochester, I can get it but it'll take me some more time. I've also got some others written down you've requested. Requests might take me a little while in some cases but I'm workin' on them!

As always -- thanks for everyone's comments! Keep on Diggin' the Tunes!

Zoooma!! said...

P.S. if you keep an open mind about 90's Dead and Jerry, you'll be surprised because every single show has great moments worth hearing.

Lucab12 said...

It was Rochester, however I would love to get the Charlotte in the meantime since I was at that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zooma,

looking forward to listening to this one.

Lucab12 said...

Also, I love how you use the Compendium reviews. I wrote a few myself--Ross Warner

Zoooma!! said...

Hey Lucab! I've added 11/20/91 Rochester to my list of requests and I'll work on it.

I'm glad you like that I add Compendium reviews. It's good to know some people dig those. I guess I haven't come across a Compendium review of yours yet but one day I will! Very cool that you're in there.

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