Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Garcia Country

Jerry Garcia on pedal steel with New Riders Of The Purple Sage circa 1971 - Not a great pic and it doesn't get any bigger but there aren't many NRPS photos from this era.

New Riders of the Purple Sage

February 28, 1971

Fillmore West, San Francisco

David Nelson - acoustic & electric guitar
John Dawson ("Marmaduke") - acoustic guitar
Dave Torbert - bass
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel
Spencer Dryden - drums

& special guest: David LaFlamme - violin

Workingman's Blues
I Don't Know You
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
Fair Chance To Know
All I Ever Wanted
Truck Driving Man
Long Black Limousine
Portland Woman
Glendale Train
Dirty Business
Last Lonely Eagle

I don't know much about NRPS. Along with Garcia-Wales, they are the Jerry side-project that I listen to almost never. I wanted that to change so lately I've been getting some NRPS shows with Garcia (plus one or two without Jerry.) My first listen in years is this nice Soundboard from a non-opening-for-the-Grateful Dead show back in San Francisco shortly after the Dead's run of shows on Long Island in New York. From those we have the Relix Records release Vintage NRPS.

Each of these tunes I'm really digging but All I Ever Wanted, in particular, has me captivated. I also really like their take on Creedence Clearwater Revival's Lodi. Another one that smokes is Portland Woman with some solid solos in there. Unfortunately the recording isn't crystal clear otherwise LaFlamme's violin would be playing a bigger part in some of the songs such as Portland Woman and Glendale Train, as well. At times he seems to be lost in the background which is a shame. But overall this is a pretty nice recording and it's been a great listen.

ARCHIVE HEADPHONESAs of July 8, 2009, NRPS is at the LMA
(thanks Chuck!) but this show is not.

Download The Show Here
Source: shnid=80719 Audio Quality:
Lineage: SBD Master Reel Reel 1 Reel 2 @ 3.75 ips DAT CDR

Part 1 - NRPS 2/28/71 2/28/71 NRPS - Part 2
mp3 320 kbps SBD + setlist (no lossless FLAC) 2-28-71 aka 02-28-71 aka 2/28/71 aka 02/28/71 aka 71-02-28 Fillmore Auditorium, S.F., California


Anonymous said...

Greetings Zooommmaaa. Love the NRPS and am psyched to have a decent live recording with Garcia to download. Looking forward to heading home to download and listen this evening. This was/is a pretty amazing band and dovetailed so nicely with what the Dead were doing back in the day. The little acoustic trio I play in covers Last Lonely Eagle and Glendale Train (into I know You Rider - hence, a "Glendale>Rider"). All we need is a pedal steel guitar! What a fantastic instrument and Garcia was so fun and fluid on it. Fun stuff I say. Thanks for the continual output of groovy stuff. Peace out. Torc

Timmy said...

Ifn's you dig NRPS, then, try a goodie official release: "Home, Home On The Road" by NRPS. It was an LP they put out way back & it still holds up today. I've seen David Nelson Band several times, & they have always been great, especially with Barry Sless.

Anonymous said...

NRPS w/Garcia on pedal steel...
It doesn't get any better than that.

Thanks Zooma!

Anonymous Deadhooker

Anonymous said...

Timmy. Thanks for the suggestion - I will have to check that out. Saw DNB (with Barry but no Mookie) for a 2 night stand in Park City a few years back. Unfortunately, nobody there to enjoy, but basically my wife and I and a few other enlightened ones. Hugs all around from the band. A pretty cool experience all in all. Was this close to catching them on Maui this January - maybe next year. Be well. Torc

Anonymous said...

For something REALLY strange, check out the NRPS album, "Before Time Began." (I think it was on Relix Records.) Side one has 6 early tracks (demos?), including the rarity, "Cecilia." Side two was strongly influenced by Garcia, circa his first solo album. It's a total trip, starting with "Deh Rominap," which is "Panama Red" looped and sung both backwards and forwards; "A Handful of Brains," a montage of layered voices from various tv shows, the news, and a W.C. Fields film; "I'm Through with the Fish, Harve," a classical number tape looped; "Och Tamale," nonsense words in multi-track; and "Where Discipline Comes In," more "Spidergawd" experimentation that ends with someone saying (I think): "This is Hunter Thompson." Not exactly easy listening, but certainly unique!

Zoooma!! said...

Torc! If I was in Salt Lake I'd come on down and catch a gig or two! Hearing a Glendale->Rider would be cool. Glad you're excited about this show, and Anonymous Deadhooker, as well.

I look forward to one day gettin' my paws on some of those NRPS album releases. I'll see if I can get on both of those.

Oh, and hey, I've got some David Nelson Band I'll try to post. Not sure if that PC show is out there but I'll keep an eye out!

Thanks for the comments! Have a Grateful Day!

Anonymous said...

There's gobs of New Riders at the Live Music Archive.

Anonymous said...

Grateful Thanks Zooma!


Zoooma!! said...

Gobs of NRPS at LMA? Yup, it appears there is, I'm not sure how I missed that. Thanks! And I've edited this post to let folks know!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zooma,
My wife, daughter and I went to a family acoustic show in the state park near our house recently and the band whipped out a nice version of "Henry." I guess its a family song as long as you don't dedicate it to any smugglers in the audience (or nowadays, any medicinal marijuana growers in the audience.)

sean said...

Not that I will ever have time to listen to everything I have downloaded, but just having it on y hard drive gives me a warm feeling, for which I thank you

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated