Monday, July 13, 2009

Where's my beer?

Hey folks! What up? Have ya noticed no posts since Sugarmag's a few days ago, the Alaska GD show she posted, on Thursday? Well, tis vacation time for us. For me this is my first extended vacation in many years and I'm away from my normal setup for posting. Not a lot goin' on right now as far as Inspiration, Move Me Brightly goes. Shows haven't come to a complete halt, though, as I hope to have one up in the next couple days and hopefully one more before next week. So don't hit the road forever, Jack, 'cause I'm lookin' forward to gettin' something new posted as soon as I can! So to all y'all out there -- I hope you're havin' a good summer, thanks for comin' round, and I'll catchya's later!

Dig this for now... or not... whichever.

Watch it if you need it, if you don't just pass it on.

If anyone's unfamiliar with Nash Bridges, Don Johnson plays a San Francisco cop (detective) and Cheech Marin plays his partner... in the professional sense, not the bedroom sense. One of the cops in the unit is a true blue Deadhead who wears, in memory of Jerry, a black armband with a Steal Your Face on it. That about sums up the show. They filmed in San Francisco and I guess one day they asked Phil to be on and he said yeah. Sell out bastard. Just kidding. It was in good fun, I'm sure. Anyway, I haven't seen it in years but I actually did watch the show from time to time and I think it's on WGN in the A.M. if anyone's interested and able to see it.


Sam said...

Enjoy your va-ca. They are too few and too far between.

Anonymous said...

okay first of all- who could NOT dig this video? i recognized the song (Bertha) right away and that's THE phil lesh of the The Dead previously The Grateful Dead. i didn't know he acted as well. pretty fitting though, chhech marin and lphil lesh, hmm. ..what's that i smell burning in the background? come see me today, it's sexy monday at my place. see ya next time!

Timmy said...

Man. Aint it just like the night? Hope you'll be OK, Zoom. Take as long as it takes... We're only here, while we're here.

btsacto said...

Zooma- you have my condolences!!!! Hope you are okay!

Anonymous said...

Every best wish for you and yours during the hard days ahead Zooma.
Much love,

Big Jim said...


I lost my Dad in May. I am still hurting and each day I try to think of good things rather than the loss.

I pray you find comfort in any way you can.

Just know you aren't alone in grief and tragedy,

the Grateful Dead has gotten me through many rough times,

but please think some songs are happy and some aren't so happy

it how you appreciate and deal with up and down.

I hope you find peace at this time,


Big Jim KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine,CA

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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