Monday, July 27, 2009


Hey. A few Rapidshare downloads have expired 'round here. If you happen to come upon a show with expired links, please leave a comment and I'll see what I can do to Re-up the show. It might not be a quick fix but I'll do what I can. A'ight?

3/2/85 - Jerry Garcia Band @ The Stone in San Francisco is one that had expired... but it's been Re-upped for your enjoyment.

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Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with this show.

I was sorry to hear that something tragic had happened to you. Whatever it was, I hope things are better for you.

Anonymous said...


I sincerely hope that you're alright.

If you're going through hell, keep going. -- Winston Churchill


Zoooma said...

Everything's alright when I'm sleeping... life only sucks when I'm awake. But maybe it's getting better. I think so... but slowly.

Anyway, thanks to each of you.

Hey Lefty, you wanna spar? You might find a post or two from time to time over at the Lost Sailor's Pub -- Deadheads who dig the tunes but sometimes disagree on politics. Assuming I keep this blog going, my shouting over there, in the future, might keep it out of here.

Anyway, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Zoooma. I have also been thinking of you after your previous post. Hope you can eventually find your way through to the other side of this. Peace to you and yours. Torc

Zoooma said...

Thanks Torc. Say hi to Utah for me. Man, I love that state. Ohhh, and speaking of Utah -- where East of the Mississippi will you see more Utah license plates than anywhere else? Probably in Nauvoo, Illinois. Sugarmag and I took a little road trip there a couple weeks ago. People from Utah actually plan their summer vacations with Nauvoo as a primary destination -- they've gotta see where the Prophet lived and is buried. Not us, we just went out of curiosity.

Anyway, it's good to see you and others still comin' around. Been a slow July around here, eh? Well, this Re-upload is a first step to getting back on track. I'll do another and then think about listening to a show again... maybe I'll even combine the two and that'll get me underway... I hope. The JGB Re-up in this post I had even put onto my mp3 player and was thinking of giving it a listen... but I just wasn't in the mood. Not yet but like I said -- maybe it's getting better, but slowly.

Thanks, Everyone.


btsacto said...

Glad to see you back, Zooma - there's been a gaping hole in my daily run through my bookmarks with you gone!!!!

Hope all is getting better!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad that you're back and I hope things are well. Thank you - I've been to the Pub a few times (since I saw it mentioned here previously). Honestly I would MUCH rather discuss music (or favorite sports teams) that spar.

Take care.


Brian said...

Hey there,

Glad to see you back. Very sorry to hear about your tragedy. I wish you all the best. I hope you can keep on keeping on. I do always love the tunes and reviews. Your blog would be sorely missed in my routine of internet music browsing. Please let me know if there is any way I can help....with the tunes or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Zooma sorry to you're living through a family tragedy. Just remember that though s#!t may come in waves, there is bad s#!t and good s#!t. You just have to be a good enough surfer to let the bad pass and ride the good all the way to the break.
Positive thoughts, healing vibes and prayers to you my brother.

Anonymous Deadhooker

runnerinsight said...

Very good now that youre back! : )

Life is always full of bumps. The point is, we keep on moving on.

Zoooma said...

Sadly, I'm not back. Every damn day is damn struggle, I wish I was dead, that's about the only damn thing I know, I'm lost, lost, lost, I want to be back but it's not in me, my whole damn world ain't right and I don't when it will be, as hard as I try, as hard as I try, as hard as I try... I want normalcy again, I don't see it, I think I do, I don't know, perhaps later, perhaps tomorrow, I have hope, always hope, always even more hope, have to have hope or else all is lost, definitely and ultimately lost as in dead lost and gone forever, but that's not what should be, it's just not, it can't happen that way, ups and downs sure but an ultimate end so prematurely? No. I wish I knew, wish I had an answer, all's I know is nothing except I'm lost but have hope because there needs to be a bright sunshiny life out there filled with all that's good, out with the bad, let it grow, let there be blessings, not acid rain pouring down to destroy. It can be good again. But not yet.

Anonymous said...

As a "regular" reader, I know you to be a man of faith. Keep that faith strong and you will make it through your present trials.

continued positive thoughts, healing vibes and prayers comin' at ya

Hang tough and wait for the "good wave"

Anonymous Deadhooler

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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