Thursday, June 19, 2008

Turning Around...

14½ hours in airports & airplanes +
6½ drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks...

A long afternoon and night it was.

Charleston -> Atlanta -> Seattle-Tacoma -> Anchorage

Should've been a quicker drive from Anchorage north to Fairbanks but someone in an RV with a Rhode Island license plate creamed a moose somewhere on what should have been the last hour or so of the drive. Why this backed traffic up for over 30 minutes I'm not sure. Just a freakin' crawl up the Parks Highway for awhile there. Thankfully this was at about 6 in the morning otherwise it would have been much worse.

My dog was so darn happy to see me. If he was a bunch of years younger he would have jumped right up and knocked me over. SOooooo excited! He's been used to me going to work for 12 hours here and 12 hours there but not away from him for like 5 days or however long it's been since I went to South Carolina. He did have someone stop by each day with their own dog to make sure Cassidy had food and water. Plus I set a timer on a TV so he could watch whatever was on for a few hours a day. He was okay. It was either leave him as I just described or bring him to dog boarding and since this wasn't for that long, I knew he'd be okay. He'd have the total freedom of being able to sleep wherever he wanted, including outside by going through his own dog door at his leisure. Pretty good compared to whatever dog boarding could offer. Not that there's anything wrong with dog boarding... some people gotta use it and it's a blessing for humans who don't have any other option. But for Cassidy for these few days, he was able to stay here and I'm sure, while confused about exactly where I was, he was more content than if confined, mostly, to a smaller space.

Anyway... I cannot spend much time on this, I have TOO much to do in too short of a time. Not fun.

GRATEFUL DEAD STEAL YOUR FACE TINY ONE JERRY GARCIA ROBERT HUNTER BOB WEIR RATDOG PHIL LESH BRENT MYDLAND I thought about posting a show up before I leave but I still can't hear in my right ear. (3½ days now.) I'm against just posting download links and saying "here you go" so a new show will have to wait. I mean, I've got to listen to it! And what I've got ready I haven't listened to yet. So it'll be awhile...

and I'm still trying to decide if only grateful people should be able to download or not. Maybe I'll protect each download with a password and only people who want to participate in commenting on shows can get the password. I just don't know yet

Yeah, Deadman, maybe I should just post shows anyway and those who appreciate the music will be very cool in commenting and those [other people] will still
not give a crap.

I'll still keep on feeling sorry [those people]
who can't even type "Thanks." But I suppose it would be wrong to exclude [those people] even if they are the majority.

Sometimes I just get sick and tired of it. I know the stats on # of downloads and there's probably someone downloading something right now and they're not gonna comment because they're completely inconsiderate. Just pathetic.

Anyway... I'll be back on this interweb dealie in about 6 days. Unfortunately for that whole time I'll be driving and sleeping and that's it. Seriously, nothing other than that.


Deadman said...

they're not gonna comment because they're completely inconsiderate. Just pathetic.

Yes it is but nothing new, eh? Just a bunch of hosers, eh?

I am thoroughly confused about your comings and goings this last week, dude...

Zooomabooma said...

Deadman! Hey! I think I've finally got time to get back to this blogging thing.

My dad had heart surgery on the 16th and I flew down to South Carolina for that. Flew back like 5 days later. Then drove back down here where I'll be for the indefinite future. My brother took care of things while I drove but he had to get back to work whereas I was free to leave my job and help do what I gotta do while my dad gets back on his feet. Open heart surgery isn't the easiest to bounce back from when you're in your 70's. He's not supposed to drive or even lift anything more than 10 pounds so without someone here he'd be helpless.

That about sums it up, Chief!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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