Monday, June 2, 2008

Socialist America? Lookin' forward to it!!!

Perhaps a socialized national healthcare system is just what America needs.

Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy underwent surgery this morning to try to eradicate the malignant brain tumor that he was diagnosed with a couple weeks ago.

The senator hand-picked the surgeon of his choice, someone who is a world-renowned leader and a pioneer in this particular field of medicine, working at one of America's Top brain tumor centers. Prior to choosing this doctor and this treatment, several cancer specialists from around the entire country discussed what would be best for Senator Kennedy.

This could be good news for the American citizens and for the millions of illegal immigrants living here, as well. A Democrat getting elected President of these here United States will raise our taxes in order to give us a socialized national healthcare system.

BARACK & TEDDYBrother to assassinated President JFK and assassinated Senator RFK, Teddy is perhaps the biggest big wig there is in the Democratic Party. His endorsement of 2008 Presidential candidate Barack Obama is HUGE. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton (also (still) running for President, in case you didn't know) believe that our healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

If that's Obama's and Clinton's belief, then I guess that means we would all get the very same care that Senator Kennedy received. Or will the privileged still get better care? Ted? Barack? What say you on this matter? Would my brain tumor receive the very same care that Teddy's getting?


Sugarmag said...

Hi Chris, ok I'll bite. No most people would not get that same level of care, but so many people have no health care at all and that concerns me, especially when they are children. We have to do something. If Germany and Japan can provide healthcare to their citizens, then should we not be able to do the same? I don't know what the answer is, it is just not my field, but I would like to see all Americans get basic care and I think you would too, because you are a compassionate person. It is my understanding that when people do not have health insurance and they have a crises, they receive emergency care and when they can't pay, everyone pays. I have pretty good health care now and I would hate to lose what I have, but I also pay through the nose for it! I don't have the answers and I don't know that anyone does, but what we have is broken.

Lenore said...

You think Raoul and Fidel Castro get the same care as the common Cuban people? You think that Chavez gets the same medical treatment as some poor farmer in rural Venezuela? Think Queen Elizabeth has to wait 6 months for an appointment? Nope. There is no such thing as universal health care. The people at the top, even in Commie and Socialist countries, still get better care than the average citizen. Having relatives in England who constantly bitch about their "universal health care system" shows me what a failure it is.

Anonymous said...

Government Healthcare is Rationed Healthcare. The US government wants to the healthcare mafia. "If you want an appendix operation, you gotta talk to us."

It's funny, because the outlaw biker gangs in Canada control ALL the ports where the drugs come into the country. The RCMP are so inept that they can't control it, so the government decided to just take over the healthcare system.

In Canada, everyone says, "If you get sick, go south." For the slow, it mean you better high tail it to the US or some government committee is going to decide if you get cancer drugs or not, like Avastin.

Fortunately, I am very rich so I will always be able to purchase high quality healthcare even if I have to travel overseas. Of course, in Canada, a doctor will be put in jail if he accepts even $1 from a patient. But, that same patient can go buy cigarettes and beer with cash, just not healthcare.

So, get ready to take it up the bass from Uncle Sam, he'll be doing an exam on YOU soon!!

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