Thursday, June 12, 2008


Grateful Dead dancing golfer bearI'm not a golfer but I know all about the game and I could probably shoot par if someone put a bag o' clubs in me hands ... is that a proper golfing term? "Shoot par"?? Anyway, it's been years but I've worked on a few golf courses in my day... caddying, specifically, was the best job I've ever had. Well, being a peasant for rich men who drive Bentleys and Beemers isn't exactly rewarding like working in EMS, but roughly $10 an hour CASH with NO taxes and no set hours? Sweet. I mean you could show up and work a Wednesday afternoon and take the whole next week off if you want. That last part was very bad for learning discipline but it helped me Mailorder a lot of Grateful Dead tickets while spending my summers at the Jersey Shore.

Hey, speaking of the Grateful Dead and golf -- any Grateful Golfers out there? Somehow, completely out of the blue, around this time last year I stumbled upon A Walk In The Park and over there Jay Flemma really digs golf... hey, that's what he's blogging about! He does it quite well, too... some good writing from what I've seen.

And he also digs the Grateful Dead and sometimes, like in the link there, the two come together.

The U.S. Open just kicked off this morning out in La Jolla so if you're interested, swing on over... haaa!!! swing... get it, like swing the golf club... HAA!!! Swing on over and give him a read!

Meanwhile... I'm outta here. I'll be back tomorrow... long, long, long day ahead. I'm going to Tahiti. Or Saudi Arabia? Well, after all the hours I'll spend driving and in the air and in airports, it'll seem like I've gone that damn far!

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