Friday, June 20, 2008

Across North America - Parts 1 & 2

I set this up before I left to test out Auto-posting.

Drove out of Fairbanks sometime Thursday Night.

That nite I hopefully I made it into Canada, eh.

Friday nite I expect to be around Fort Nelson, British Columbia.

Not having a laptop and mobile internet access kinda sucks right now.

But eh, at the same time, I don't have a lot of time to be futzing around with internet on this journey. Essentially this roadtrip sucks my butt because I'm not taking my time. Driving from Point A to Point B on boring highways is so lame. Fortunately much of this trip is through GORGEOUS country so that's kinda cool... except I'm gonna have ZERO time to stop and smell the juniper. That kinda sucks. That really sucks, actually. And next time I do a trip like this -- digital camera!! Then again -- not a lot of time to stop and take pictures. No time, really. The quicker I can get from central Alaska to the southeast United States, the better.

1182 miles (1902 km)


rundangerously said...

chris, good luck on the road trip. sounds like a lot of driving over very short time. hope the car has a good sound system!

Anna said...

Seems to me with the price of gas it would be cheaper to fly there in a few hours and purchase a car once you arrived
I just did a road trip between WA and CA and it cost me over $700.00 for fuel. (of course it was diesel and a huge ass pickup, but you get the point)

Zooomabooma said...

Rundangerously, my Westchester friend! Hey Now! I made it okay, listened to a buttload of music, not the best sound system but it did okay! And I'm glad it wasn't winter because I was able to cruise across the continent and make it from practically one end to the other in pretty good time. Long freakin' days of driving but I got lucky with like angels or something carrying me along -- no problems!

Heya Anna! I didn't tally up gas money spent but it was sick as in disgustingly sick...

Couldn't fly, though -- my dog told me he'd hate to be treated as cargo in the hold of a big ol' jet airliner... he's flown in a small Cessna before but since he insisted on 1st Class or nothing, I had to drive!

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