Monday, June 16, 2008

The End of Grateful Dead Downloads?

--- i can't hear.... again. very disconcerting. right ear this time. I feel like i have no hope that it'll clear up. I'm sure it will.

------- I thought I'd have a show ready to post tonight but the upload died... again. same old crap and i don't know why.

doesn't matter,
i'm thinking of removing all Grateful Dead (and related) show downloads
from this blog because in the past 3 days...

there've been over two dozen shows downloaded....

and ONE comment.

Pretty sad.

I don't see the point in continuing for so many completely ungrateful people. Those who do express your Thanks -- you're great people but it's all the others who give me very little inspiration to keep posting shows.

separator bar dealie

Not that it matters now, the following is from yesterday, never posted as I was interrupted and happily so smiley stan, which now means much of it is completely outdated already....

Life gets busy. It becomes more smile-filled... and very interesting... and Mutterings become less important. Not they were important to begin with... just a fun blog post.

Finally, for this Sunday, here I go. Not much else to say. Well... always a lot to say, but I am in such a lazy mood this Sunday afternoon. Got 2 baseball games on now (watching the Cubbies) and 1 more later.

Also got a
Euro 2008 football match on in a bit (Turkey vs. Czech Republic) and one U.S. men's World Cup Qualifier match later (against Barbados.) Love watching football in summer! Love watching baseball even more but hey, the Beautiful Game -- the World's Game -- is good anytime, really!

Went for a hike the other day, I guess two days ago, and nicely pulled my left hamstring. Yay. Hurts to move so I need to rest it otherwise I'm just gonna freakin' make it worse.

from this meme is called: Unconscious MutteringsUnconscious Mutterings

a free association game -- I say... and you think ... ?

1. Purchase :: store

2. Squeaky clean :: mouse ... uhh, i guess the "squeak" made me think mouse

3. Blended :: whisky

4. Wednesday :: Thursday

5. Function :: gathering

6. Look down :: at what?

7. July? :: yes

8. Raspberry :: beret

9. Assertive :: forceful

10. Cracker :: jacks

Video: Prince - Raspberry Beret... unfortunately the Purple One is a total jerkwad and has forced the removal of all sound from all his videos on Youtube. What a dillhole.


Sugarmag said...

Hiya Zoooma,

Hey! Don't remove downloads, pretty please? A question to ask might be, "Why am I doing this anyway?" You've got some friends who come around and download stuff and they appreciate it and say so, right? Others download and don't say anything, maybe that is sort of a given. There will always be people like that, right? But friends come around too. I hope you feel better soon :). And Zoooma, THANK YOU.

Timmy said...

As far as the hearing issue goes, I had pretty severe problems once. It's an old addage, but try getting a thorough ear cleaning. The doctor can give you a ear-douche & believe me, it works! That ols wax builds up & takes it's toll. Mine was going on 3 years, when I finally visited the Dr. It's miraculous how clear I can hear now... Peace out on all the uploads, WE LOVE YOU & THE SOUNDS!!!!

Deadman said...

Hey, blog for yourself with no expectations. The rest is gravy.

I appreciate the downloads but haven't been able to burn any lately for some reason.

So it's frustrating for me.

Re the ear thing, get it checked out by the doc, dude. Timmy may be right.

Paticus said...

Sorry about your ear. And sorry about the ungrateful downloaders.
I had not gotten my lazy ass around to downloading anything, but I certainly appreciated what you were doing.
I hope you feel better.

drabromeo said...

Hey-- I think I downloaded something a while back, and I didn't leave a comment, but only because I don't know any better. I'm like, you know, lame and old.

I think I've gotten used to the anonymity online-- if you had met me in person and handed me a CD, I would certainly have remembered to thank you, but I don't always remember to be polite when I download something online.

I check this site frequently and really enjoy the posts, so let me say now-- thank you! And thanks for any downloads and particularly fruitful visits I've had in the past. In the future, I'll remember to leave a comment!

Zooomabooma said...

Thank you Grateful people!!!

It's all the others who suck ass.

If I post up a CD from Jimmy Buffett or The Cure or who-freakin'-ever, I don't care if no one comments on those tunes. I really don't.

But for some reason I just had this weird expectation that Deadheads would be a friendly lot of people, in general. So many that I've met through the years, they'd give you a place to stay, they'd give you a beer, they'd give you the shirt off their back. So many wonderful people.

Perhaps I was a dumbass to expect that here. So be it.

Anonymity is fine. People can still enter a 1-word comment of "Thanks" while being Anonymous. I allow that. I encourage it. One person downloads 5 or 10 shows, I don't need 5 or 10 individual comments from that 1 person.... but 1 would be nice.

Then again, part of me doesn't give a crap if people say Thanks or not. I'm generally happy to share with whoever downloads.

Maybe it's a full moon or somethin 'cause occasionally I just get to thinkin how it would be nice for my work to be recognized or how much someone digs the tunes.

Again -- I truly appreciate the appreciation from the few kind souls who have spoken up. Some of you I don't know very well or even at all. Others are people I'd call my friends. But all of you I think are pretty great people who I'd probably dig having some beers with, or seeing a show with, or if red wine and dark chocolate turns you on, hey, I'm all for that, too ;)

It's just the others who suck ass.

Bucephallus said...

Not an ingrate...not really a deadhead...but my housemate I download dead for his ipod...don't want to seem rude...and while a letter is nice... a package might be better....when your ear is better you might like some of these: OTTMAR LIEBERT & LUNA NEGRA - OPIUM,
Le Nombre - Le Nombre
Los Super Seven - Los Super Seven
Los Zafiros - Bossa Cubana
The download link is:
Filename: Size: 61.3 MB

Deadman said...

I just had this weird expectation that Deadheads would be a friendly lot of people, in general.

As I've found, DeadHeads have no special place in the grand scheme of humanity. Some are great, some are really fucking assholes.

I used to think it was cool to link to all the Dead bloggers I could find because it was a special community. sadly, I have found that for some (not all, mind, it's only a community if you think exactly as they do.

Screw the Ungrateful Deadheads, and kep on posting!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated