Monday, March 1, 2010

Bob Weir on Fox News?!!???

What's Bob doing on this channel?!? Hasn't he heard that Fox News is Fake News?! I've heard that Fox is nothing but Republican propaganda working to destroy Democrats and the liberal agenda. They're hateful racists. Well, that's what some very close-minded people might have you think. Of course it's not true otherwise they wouldn't give Democrats a voice . . . which they completely do. FYI: every Democrat is invited on Fox, probably every Democrat has been on. A lot of people should recognize this rather than propagate the lie that Fox is an unbalanced Republican mouthpiece.

It sure would be interesting to know what Bob's thoughts on the 2012 election are. Hey, Bob, you make a mistake supporting someone you thought was going to do good for America? It's okay, man, we all make mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Good question. What WAS Bob Weir doing on Fox? He didn't say anything. Maybe some Fox decision maker thought it would be good to have Bob Weir come on and waste a few minutes?


(I'm a little surprised YOU had time to listen to this, let alone post it -- that reference to "the Illuminati" - conspiracy fuckin' up an otherwise perfectly good waste of a few minutes.)

Anonymous said...

" make a mistake supporting someone you thought was going to do good for America? It's okay, man, we all make mistakes." -- I don't know about Bob Weir, but I voted for Obama. I'm not thrilled with the way things have been going, but I'm ABSOLUTELY certain it WAS NOT a mistake. First, consider the alternative. Like it or not, we have to choose from only two parties. And, McCain/Palin was by far the WORST ticket in the history of the United States. (Let me be "sarcastic", if you will - Limbaugh was allowed - she's a reatard and he's a douchebag.)

Next, consider the MOUNTAIN of shit inherited from the previous eight years. Return to the end of Clinton's (NO fucking angel, but looks like a god between Bush Sr. and "W") terms, assess the US economy and the state of the world, and with a straight face try to feed my some "conservative" bullshit. Things got more fucked-up in the eight years follwing Clinton/Gore than in ANY eight year span of US history. So, as disappointed as I am in Obama's first year(-plus), and as certain I am that he is just an "employee" following orders, I'd still allow just a little slack.

And, focusing solely on time, for ANY administration, after one-plus year the expectations shouldn't be very high. (I mean in W's first year, he hardly had time to fuck-up anything compared to the total mess left on departure.)

MOSTLY, I'm surprised to see the March 1, 2010 6:20 PM post! Does this mean the floor is open for discussion???


Zoooma said...

Not much was said in the interview. Too bad. But it helps show that Fox isn't Right Wing propaganda ordered and scripted from on high within the organization. Pelosi is welcome to give her point of view. Barney Frank is welcome, so is Chris Dodd & Kucinich & John Kerry and Obama. Sean Penn is welcome & Rosie O'Donnell & Bob Weir. Ya know that Fox actually EMPLOYS MANY DEMOCRATS to give the left's point of view on issues. Yeah. That is definitely not right wing propaganda.

Thank God there's a media outlet that gives both sides a voice. I know some wish that wasn't true (as in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela and Castro's Cuba) ... but it's what America wants and needs so they can be informed versus being brainwashed by one side only.

Why would you be surprised that I'd watch a video of Bob Weir on Fox?!? Hel-llloooo? Deadhead here and not one who sticks to left wing news only.

Addressing your 2nd comment -- once again I've got to say Go Away or be respectful. Attacks like that on Palin and McCain (or anyone) are uncalled for. That's exactly why most of your comments never get read by me or anyone because you have very little sense of civility and decency.

Politically, at least McCain would not have pushed this progressive agenda on citizens who, for the most part, do not want it. Obama's gotten us into WORSE crap than Bush got us into and there's no way you can legitimately say Bush/Cheney was the worst 8 years in U.S. history. That's opinion but not fact. I think a LOT of unemployed Americans would say Bush was a better President in the jobs department. Which administration promised unemployment wouldn't go over 8% because of the stimulus bill over 1 year ago? Obama's. Unemployment now? Just under 10 after peaking at 10.2, I believe. That doesn't take into account those who've stopped looking so it's really around 17%. Dear George W, there were more jobs when you were President. Why do we have to suffer through this with Obama? Why do people still love him with this situation affecting us? When will it be back down to 8 or lower again?

And unless you have a time machine, there's absolutely no way you can say McCain/Palin would have been worse. As it stands now, Obama's presidency ain't lookin' good so far. If he and Congress keeps up what they're doing, it won't get better. There's actually the potential to completely ruin America with too much spending. For Obama's first year, he CHANGED the deficit for the WORSE: 12.3% HIGHER than Bush's last year, 2008. Obama's federal budget deficit for 2009 was the HIGHEST EVER (that means higher than George W. Bush): it "soared to an all-time high of $1.42 trillion, surpassing the previous record of $454.8 billion set in 2008." That sure is CHANGE -- change for the WORSE.

On top of the out-of-control spending, Obama's healthcare plan could further sink America into the red. If anyone has faith that the government would be fiscally responsible and under-budget is, without a doubt, clinically insane.

Look, poll numbers for him and Congress and all their policies are not positive. And you wanna cut him some slack? For how much longer? 3 more years of slack? 7 more years of slack? Get real. Americans don't want what he's pushing. Americans want a BETTER nation, not a socialized nation and not a nation more in debt than Bush was. He's already got worse debt and unemployment, how much more worse change is needed before you (and others) will finally call him out for being a lemon of a President? It's really too bad. He seems like a nice guy. Bush was nice too but I guess being nice (or Harvard educated) doesn't alone make a great President who does right for his nation. Pushing an ideological agenda while not being in touch with the American citizens certainly doesn't help.

Zoooma said...

And what the heck does this have to do with Weir on Fox? Nada, I guess, just the nature of a rant triggered by a conspiracy nut who obviously still, at least somewhat, bows down to Savior Obama.

Look, dude, if you can't be civil then don't bother commenting again. No time for your crap, your conspiracy-related crap, or anyone else's crap of any kind. Disagreement and discussion is fine. Crossing the line into being disrespectful is not. I have faith that people can change for the better but if you can not then you're not welcome here. I'll always give people a 2nd and 3rd chance, but I will not give them the floor to shout their bombastic hatefulness.

Anonymous said...

Good morning.

"And what the heck does this have to do with Weir on Fox?" - I was addressing YOUR comment to Bob Weir about "make a mistake (supporting...).

Objectively compare the U.S. and the world at the end of Clinton's terms to the U.S. and the world at the end Bush's term, and then cite any span of eight years in which things got more fuked-up. We both know that it wasn't exclusive to just the U.S. President, but you conveniently lay the current state directly on Obama. And, as I said, I'm not thrilled with the way things have been going.

Specifically, you mention unemployment. Those jobs weren't lost overnight. The Wall Street Scam that is responsible for the most recent increase happened on Bush's watch - remember, "We need a bailout or Wasll Street closes tomorrow morning!" (- slightly paraphrased). And, Clinton must be held responsible for the trend of offshoring jobs (advances in telecom technology also an enabler) - shit...the seeds for this go back to Raygun's administration.

The deficit? Wall Street bailout. And, that may be a little tricky, because most citizen's futures/retirements/401ks/etc. were threatened - PAY or else!

Healthcare reform - nothing is getting done because too many special interests BIG insurance, BIG pharmaceutical, and BIG doctor are making $Billions abusing the current system and they (thru their lobbyists) DO NOT want that to change. There is also an element of a lack of balls in the democrap majority - Bush/Chaney did WHATEVER they wanted with less than a 59-41 advantage because they COULD. (Personally, I would favor Medicare for ALL and let they insurance industry screw people on auto, flood, etc. coverage - that could be real National Healthcare. This could have a positive impact on emplyment because "soaring healthcare costs" could no longer be an excuse to eliminate jobs.)

Poll numbers? Let's skip to the REAL issue - it doesn't matter...there are just two parties and corporations (and the Wealthy Elite who own them) own them both. Until citizens exceed corporate campaign funding and $$$$$$$$ lobbies, We The People are going to dance to their tune. Tragic, but TRUE.


Zoooma said...

We the people can still elect politicians. We the people elected Obama and that would still have happened even if McCain had ten times as much campaign funding from whatever sources, corporate or private. We the people can still let politicians know that we hate or love what they're doing. Yes, lobbyists are powerful, very frickin' powerful, but we the people STILL have a say in what happens in America. We don't have much of a say and sometimes it feels like we have NONE at all . . . that's why the Tea Party movement started, to GET HEARD. And those bastards in Washington are still going to hear from we the people and they're going to lose their jobs, some of 'em, when they act in a manner that goes against what a majority of their constituents want. Big wealth doesn't control elections. They don't have elections scripted, we the people still have a say. Right now America is showing its true colors as a right of center nation and politicians will feel that in November. If they'd just open their eyes now they'd see in all the polls that their ideological agendas are FAILING in the eyes of the public. There's still a chance for this nation to somehow, in small steps, bail itself out without bailout$ $igned by the Pre$ident. Speaking of the President -- "the buck stops here" is STILL true which means it's time to stop looking backward for blame. Yes, the past matters and it has bearing on the here and now but in a way, it doesn't freakin' matter what Bush or Clinton or Eisenhower or James K. Polk did -- it's all on Obama now, the man to fix things. How's that goin' for him? Not so well. You say Bush/Cheney did whatever they wanted. That's what's happening now with Pelosi and Reid while Obama let's them move ahead with whatever they want . . . even if its political suicide for many members of Congress. They may actually throw elected politicians under the bus in order to pass legislation that is NOT popular with the public. Where's his leadership to incorporate ideas from the right? No leadership, just throw money at everything and sink us further into debt. His ideological stance is not making a majority of Americans happy. Simply the WORST presidency in history or at least in the past several decades. Carter may have been worse than them all in the past 50 years or so but Obama's close. Maybe next time so many people won't vote for skin color but they'll vote for the candidate most qualified to do the job in a FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE way.

Zoooma said...

P.S. handing out free healthcare is not the right thing to do. It will bankrupt America. Big business is completely blocking the reform that is needed but the left's Socialist idea won't fly with the public. Several factors that will never go over with the people include the idea that Health Care is a right. It's not. Also, you do not tell Joe that he needs to pay for his neighbor's health care if his neighbor can't afford it. That's never been a part of America and it shouldn't start now. Yes, we all pitch in for schools and fire department and police but health care just can not be included in that. What's next? Homes for all? Give every single homeless person a place of their own to live. What about a car for all to be able to get to work? What about enough food for all? All for free. No. And one last thing -- government can NOT require a person to buy something. Unconstitutional. Morons in Congress and the White House don't seem to care about that. If they had their way, they'd enact this new legislation that way and eventually the Supreme Court would say No, no, no, hold up there, this is wrong.

There are other ways to make health care affordable and to bring down the cost. But to just give it for free to everyone who can't afford it will never work in this country. We should be keeping MORE of the money we work for, we should be able to spend as we wish, not forcibly handing over more of it to a larger government who tells us what to do and who hands it out to the less fortunate. That's not American. If I want to help the less fortunate, it should be MY choice who and how much.

That's the last I'm saying on this in this post ESPECIALLY since this post is about Fox News and Bob Weir, not necessarily about government and not at all about health care.

If anyone wants to discuss health care and/or government, go to Lost Sailor's Pub. There's a politics only section there and it's not all left wing liberals so there's some great debate. I'm through with it here.

Anonymous said...


"A lot of people should recognize this rather than propagate the lie that Fox is an unbalanced Republican mouthpiece."

Watch the "Anchor Management" segment

- now there's a great example fof Fox News "balanced". Watch it - don't be one of those "very close-minded people" to whom you so often refer.


Zoooma said...

Not gonna watch it. Why not? The Daily Show is a comedy program and notorious for taking things out of context. That's plenty right there but there's more -- Jon Stewart is an outspoken liberal. He and his show, in no legitimate way, can be a judgment of whether or not a media outlet is balanced.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's actually a point-of-view thing...Fox News (and the very notion that it is at all "balanced" - these days it is just not as extreme as when it WAS the propaganda outlet for the Bush administartion) is a comedy program and notorious for taking things out of context.

"Jon Stewart is an outspoken liberal. He and his show, in no legitimate way, can be a judgment of whether or not a media outlet is balanced." - two things: This particular example (and I checked) is not out of context manipulation - just fact. And, MORE important - YOU are an outspoken conservative who believes he can pass legitimate judgment of whether or not a media outlet is balanced - how can that be? You keep championing Fox as such, ridiculous as that may be.

Finally, symptomatic of one of your problems: "Not gonna watch it. Why not?" (- any lame excuse will do) You love throwing-around "closed-minded" yet you are the epitome - can you feel the irony?

It's OK Zooo - we can still be friends.


Zoooma said...

I'm not an outspoken conservative at all, am hardly ideological as I often approach issues from the middle, taking into account what both sides say, taking into account the Constitution and taking into account how much something might help bankrupt America.

As far as Fox News, I look at it for what it truly is -- it's a mouthpiece for Republicans AND it's a mouthpiece for Democrats. And I will admit it's not equally balanced but it's closer to being equally balanced than any other cable news channel. They are also more evenly balanced than the half hour nightly newscasts and the network morning shows. Beck and Hannity bend things to the Republican side but ONCE AGAIN -- FOX NEWS ALLOWS DEMOCRATS TO GIVE THEIR POINT OF VIEW. And do you know that for every Republican candidate on, the opposing Democrat candidate is ALSO INVITED ON??? Imagine that. Not quite Republican propaganda when it's a Democrat who is trying to defeat the Republicans. Do you know Fox has DEMOCRATS EMPLOYED TO GIVE THE DEM P.O.V.? I've said it all before but it goes right over peoples' heads. Haters of Fox News simply can not see this any of this . . . because they're too stubborn and they don't watch. Hannity is a little more difficult for liberals but hate Beck? Watch and I guarantee you'll see he does not lie and he actually makes good points. You might not agree with all he says and that's fine. But I guarantee that you can find things he says that make perfect sense. Sadly, too many haters would rather spread the lie than watch to see the lie isn't true.

And listen, you've got to lose the idea that I'm the epitome of closeminded. Being openminded means I must read and watch EVERYTHING ever produced and published??! Seriously?!!? Everything? You understand I'd have to live to around 45,000 years old to accomplish that? I don't even have the time for this nonsense. Stop calling me closeminded if I don't watch a clip from The Daily Show or read your conspiracy, hate-filled copy and pastes. Openmindedness does NOT require one to read and watch EVERYTHING. Anyone with the smallest amount of sense should know that.

Anonymous said...

"I often approach issues from the middle, taking into account what both sides say, taking into account the Constitution and taking into account how much something might help bankrupt America." -- I have nothing but respect for that. (If that's true...)

"...closeminded if I don't read your conspiracy, hate-filled copy and pastes." -- I have absolutely NO respect for that. (And, it seems to contradict the approach you describe - that "taking into account what both sides" thing.) You are SO quick to dismiss everything I try to contribute as "hate-filled" and "conspiracy" when NONE of it is hate-filled and almost all of it is fcat, not conspiracy.

"Everything? You understand I'd have to live to around 45,000 years old" - the clip runs 10 minutes...and, it clearly demonstrates just how much "closer to being equally balanced" Fox News is on one particular issue. Maybe that's the problem - not TIME? Like I said, "any lame excuse will do". Your mind is made up, right? If you don't watch it - you don't have to consider it and maybe see some truth.


Zoooma said...

A while back I started reading one of the links you gave me and it was by someone who interjected into his written all kinds of hateful judgments on the people he was writing about. That's not journalism. That's puke. That's when I drew the line in the sand, and not the Democrat line that can be redrawn a thousand times over. Unless someone legitimate exposes something that might be real, I'm simply not gonna deal with conspiracy-related, unfounded garbage. It's not a side, it's outer space, considered as gospel truth by only the smallest minority.

And come on now, wise up -- if I do watch The Daily Show clip, that'll help in me being openminded. Right? But when I don't watch the next one then I'll be right back to closeminded again. Right? Why would that be? Because you'd still have the idea that I need to read and watch everything ever produced and published. And that's insane.

Again, it's not about choosing what I want to consider, it's about time and as far as The Daily Show clip, that's about not giving legitimacy to a judgment made by a comedy show with a liberal, Conservative hating host. Not exactly non-biased. Sadly a lot of people trust him for the final word on certain issues. Listening and believing Jon Stewart is possibly as bad as listening to Congress or the President.

Anonymous said...

"Listening and believing Jon Stewart is possibly as bad as listening to Congress or the President." -- you definitely have something there, *IF* you include all of the Congresses and Presidents since John Kennedy!

Haven't I said that IT'S ALL BULLSHIT? Democraps, Republickers, Fox, Cocks!! I AM COMPLETELY with you on the Constitution and much of what the Republican party USED to stand for, but BOTH parties SOLD OUT. Your point "Big wealth doesn't control elections." -- but they DO when a choice between ONLY two parties is about the a choice between mental illness or narcotics addiction. Too close to call.

The media (yes, almost all of it) has been lying - they too are owned by a few wealthy elite with an agenda - NO conspiracy - just FACT. I've suggested a few times previously, look at it from an economic point of view.

As far as the clip - "help you in being openminded" -- NO fuckin' way!! But, it might lend some perspective about Fox News to someone who IS openminded.

"the idea that I need to read and watch everything ever produced and published." -- No. Why do you jump immediately to the extreme? You ARE quick to dismiss anything that does not fit neatly into Fox/conservative despite your "hardly ideological"

Also, in regard to the "hardly ideological" claim, comments like "...I drew the line in the sand, and not the Democrat line that can be redrawn a thousand times over." suggest that you CANNOT let go of party bias. Further, "Unless someone legitimate exposes something" - "legitimate"? WHO? Karl Rove? Bill O'Reilly? Sarah Palin?

("...considered as gospel truth by only the smallest minority." - Indeed. At one time, just like the concept that the earth is round.)

Spend you time wisely - if you're not careful, you might learn something.


Zoooma said...

I don't dismiss anything that does not fit neatly into Fox/conservative point of view. I use everything (I have time for) to help form my own opinions. And to reiterate, I don't have time for every single source of information. NO ONE DOES.

And I don't subscribe to party bias but I am aware of the wussy Democrat way of drawing a line in the sand and when that line is crossed they just draw another and another and another and another and so on. How many lines in the sand will Obama draw before Iran nukes Israel?

Karl Rove? Bill O'Reilly? Sarah Palin? O'Reilly (with help) could certainly discover and bring light to a conspiracy but not those others as they are not journalists. You mentioning them is ridiculous. Bill O' isn't a journalist but he has the ways and means to expose corruption and bring it to light in a fair manner. I didn't have him in mind, though. Who? I don't know but these great big grand conspiracies are things someone should be winning a Pulitzer for, for uncovering the facts with evidence and bringing it all into the public conversation. . . if there was anything to truly report on. Speculation is garbage.

The media sure is owned by wealth . . . but aside from NBC/MSNBC, they don't hand down orders to promote one side over another. Some people wish to believe that about Fox but I'd challenge them to show the evidence that that is true.

And big wealth only assures us that we have Rep vs. Dem and no one else, for the most part, can win which purely sucks. But that same big wealth doesn't dictate who wins. No one's directing things according to the script already written. Big wealth in the form of lobbyists then tries to get things their way (from politicians) and while we don't have much of a choice for who gets elected, we have a voice to try to get politicians to bend to what the public wants. Right now there's very little bending because ideology is standing in the way of what is smart for this nation. Screw the Constitution, screw what the people want, full steam ahead. Really? We're on the road to ruin with almost no signs of reversal at the moment. I'm amazed more people aren't out protesting each and every day. Well, it almost wouldn't matter if they did as most media outlets would just dismiss them as Nazi racists who are just too stupid to know what's good for them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a Grateful-Dead-anti-Obama site? I'm outta here NOW

Zoooma said...

It's too bad you're such a coward to just comment anonymously without even a few sentences of discussion.

I'd love to know:

Just because I'm a Deadhead I am therefore obligated to blindly support Obama. Is that true in your opinion?

And lastly: you have no tolerance for Deadheads who disagree with Obama's policies? It's pretty apparent that the answer to that is No. An intolerant Deadhead. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

actually I came back to see if you had the nuts to post it. This ain't a Deadhead blog, it's a pro-FOX site with some tie-dye. EVERY post is about how much you luvs you some FOX. Not interested. Let someone who cares school you.

Zoooma said...

This is a Deadhead's blog but it's not strictly a Grateful Dead blog. The Fox-related stuff is posted to defend a lie. Defending a lie is honorable.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're an intelligent deadhead who thinks and isn't completely brainwashed by the left. Why do deadheads have to be liberal nut jobs (drugs anyone?). I love their music but I hate their politics. Thanks for not conforming--the actual purpose of the deadheads anyway (where is that now?)

P.S. Ann Coulter has been to a show (actually many)---most liberal talking heads wouldn't touch it with a twenty foot pole.

Zoooma said...

Hey Now, thanks for commenting.

Many are but not all Deadheads are liberal nut jobs... and many of those who have been brainwashed, they're not necessarily unintelligent, just misguided and/or close minded. Perhaps for some it's too difficult to think for themselves so they just fall in line and repeat the same rhetoric over and over without ever investigating what they're babbling about. I dunno.

And another conservative Deadhead in the public -- former CNN guy Tucker Carlson, now of The Daily Caller and on Fox.

Anonymous said...


Please read it:

http://www.infor... [Zoooma edit: LINK NOT SHOWN]

Two things: Wealthy Elite do not control the world? And, How are "We The People" thru our priviledge of voting going to impact/change/control that?

My contribution to "misguided", I guess?


(NO conspiracy - just FACTS)

Zoooma said...

Your provided link is from a CLEARLY BIASED WEBSITE. It's not non-partisan journalism. Much of what's in there is just mindless conjecture; it's speculative opinion based on NO EVIDENCE.

Wealthy elite do NOT directly pull the strings of the President or Congress. The politicians who We The People elect are the politicians who We The People want in office at the time of that election. No one directs who wins and loses. And in elections, we often get to choose what We want on referendums and such. Again -- no one pulls the strings.

Also, some politicians are stubborn and driven purely by their own ideology and that of their peers in Congress. If a politician feels he wants to go one way, which is AGAINST what The People want, We The People can rise up and get that politician to change his or her mind. Some of them listen to us. Again -- no wealthy elite pulling the strings.

No more of this "Wealthy elite are running the world" crap. Genocide and war and nuclear buildups and territorial disputes and national deficits are NOT orchestrated by a group of rich men looking to get richer. NO MORE.

Anonymous said...

Did you even read the piece?

Or, (I suspect) you got to "NEWS YOU WON'T FIND ON CNN OR FOXNEWS", quit reading, and junped to your conclusion "a CLEARLY BIASED WEBSITE. It's not non-partisan journalism. Much of what's in there is just mindless conjecture; it's speculative opinion based on NO EVIDENCE.". Again, you clearly demonstrate that if it's not FOX it can't be true.

Specifically, what part of Guppy's piece is "just mindless conjecture"? pick one (or more) and provide SOME EVIDENCE which refutes the FACTS.

"Genocide and war and nuclear buildups and territorial disputes and national deficits are NOT orchestrated by a group of rich men looking to get richer." - you do not mention that Ponzi scheme that IS the world banking system and Capitalism.

I sincerely wish it were as easy as "NO MORE.".


Zoooma said...

I have not clearly demonstrated that if it's not FOX it can't be true in my mind. I did look at the website and I looked far beyond the title banner. And then, based on the website's slant, I did not go back to the piece and read it because the ideas in that website simply are not coming from a non-partisan journalistic point of view. No more.

Zoooma said...

Seriously, no more. Go push your lunatic fringe circus somewhere else.

Zoooma said...

Lefty, in your deleted comment, from all you wrote all I read was at the top: "You DID NOT even read the piece but were able to determine that it is 'just mindless conjecture'"

I never said that the piece was mindless conjecture.

When I went to that website, I first looked through other articles which clearly displayed the website's slant, hateful disposition, and evidence-less speculative opinion. Based on that drivel, I left the site never to return again because it's not journalism. Don't start some profanity-laced rant and/or tell me I'm close minded if I don't read someone's opinion on something. I don't have the time.

Nothing else you submit related to this will be read, not even a syllable.

Timmy said...

I only WISH that someday, SOMEONE will give Bobby time to complete his verbal thoughts. He does have a dyslexian-type handicap & these interviewers on TV don't grasp the magnitude of time it takes for Bobby to convey what he has to put into words. He is intelligent. Give him space. There are no easy answers.

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