Monday, March 22, 2010

True Patriots

The People's House is no longer.

The Capitol is Obamapelosi's House.


Lefty said...


This isn't the first time The Will Of The People has been ignored. You hate when I cite examples Pre-Obama, so I won't waste the time.

The bottom line (as in, the "Bottom Line") - the assbags who own Wall Street must like it or it never would've passed.


jonoto said...


Look I'm sure you're an educated person who understands history, but in this case your over-generalization of socialism and fascism is way, way, way off base.

To compare what went down yesterday (and to be honest I'm not in total support) to what socialist/communist countries is, quite frankly, disingenuous and WRONG.

Want a simple example. In a capitalistic society why in the world would the stock market rise the next day? While yes most of it's health care relate, but, heck they are making money. Yay capitalism. Boo socialism.

I'll close with this. The image of Heil Obama is so off mark and plain insane that you and anyone that shows it should be ashamed. You're essentially combining fascism and socialism which historically, literally, and factually have absolutely nothing in common. It's the equivalent of calling something a communist capitalistic society. Using these false equivalencies cheapens and lessens what true evil is with the likes of Hitler (ie fascism) and Stalin (communism). Don't fall into the trap of cheapening what should be real debate with ignorant rhetoric.

PS - You heroes Ryan and Boehner both voted for TARP in 2008 (under Bush) which was pumped huge amounts of capital into banks. I hope you were calling that socialism then because that far more than what went down yesterday.

Zoooma said...

"This isn't the first time The Will Of The People has been ignored. You hate when I cite examples Pre-Obama, so I won't waste the time."

Yeah, it was wrong pre-Obama but that doesn't justify Obamapelosi doing the same thing now.

And if you don't have evidence that the Dems and/or Obama who voted for the health care bill colluded with Wall Street and made sure they approved, let it go. Without evidence you're just spouting more ridiculous sounding conspiracy theory crap.

And yes, I have over-generalized Obama with the Heil Obama image, I know that, because I'm pissed off at this B.S. government. There's just no better image to signify how much of a dictator he appears to be. That doesn't mean I have lessened the weight of the evil of the bastards in history who have committed the worst crimes against mankind. I don't care that Obama's not a true socialist and/or fascist and/or Commie but right now it feels like the Will of the People means nothing. It feels like that because it's true. He ACTUALLY had the gall to read off his teleprompter that "this government ... still works for the people." He couldn't look into the camera to say it straight into the homes of the American people, he could only read off his teleprompters to the left and to the right. He went on to say "Today's vote answers the dreams of so many." Yes, it has answered dreams of many and it's great that certain parts of the bill have been passed . . . but not the whole thing because passing it IGNORED what MANY MORE did NOT want. "It's a victory for the American people." Working in a mostly partisan way and going against the Constitution in FORCING people to buy something is NOT a victory for the American people. He and the Dems did what they wanted while spitting in the majority's face. Pure arrogance.

Why'd the stock market rise? Two reasons -- insurance companies are hoping they'll get more customers and Wall Street was prepared for this.

Yes, Capitalism is still alive in America, thank God . . . for now. This bill and ignoring the people could very well set dangerous precedents. This is not a socialist nation but it feels like many in power want to steer us that way no matter what.

P.S. Ryan and Boehner are not my heroes but they are patriots for wanting to do what's right for America now. They shouldn't have passed TARP, that was pure crap, but they have the sense to know that we have a Constitution and you can not mandate all citizens buy something or pay a fine or go to prison. They also have the sense to know if the health care bill goes up in cost in the future, it would be wrong to force citizens to pay for it by raising their taxes. They also have the sense to not act against the wishes of the American people in this egregious and arrogant manner.

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