Tuesday, March 16, 2010

socialism will supply the people

Herman Cain talks to Megyn Kelly about the American Dream...

This angry white man probably just hates that a black man is President.


Anonymous said...

As far as TAX goes, let's return to the 90% rate rate on the wealthiEST 1% - they can pay thier FAIR share and still be the WEALTHIEST 1%. Throw-in ending USELESS (except to those who invested in defense industry and military contractor) WARS, and the U.S. government could finance healthcare for ALL, AND a trip to Disneyland and new BMWs....


Zoooma said...

90%? Could you be slightly more UNamerican? That's insane, absolutely insane. It is NOT fair at all. There are people who work hard and build honest businesses that employ MANY people and help the economy. To rob from them such an amount is criminal in nature. They don't use more of the military. They don't use more police or fire. One man doesn't have the equivalent of 24,000 (or whatever) kids in school. You want to take from them and give to the welfare mom with 4 kids from 4 different men who doesn't want to work? Seriously?

And wars are not useless. Look at what's happening in Iraq. More people have internet access and clean water to drink. More kids are going to school now than before the Iraq War. Democracy is taking place in a land that used to have dedicated rape rooms for the families of those who voted against Hussein. THERE ARE GREAT THINGS HAPPENING IN IRAQ because of war. We're not all German BECAUSE OF WAR. And so on. And look at the women who now have rights in Afghanistan. They can vote and drive and go to school and own a business and they can walk down the street without a male relative escort. The oppressive Taliban is being driven out and minds are being changed to not tolerate that oppression.

Sad truth is wars are necessary in this world. We are a world community and people need the help of those who have the ways and means . . . like the U.S. Yes, wars helped bankrupt us but we're not sunk yet.

Listen, stop thinking that wealth is evil and should be taken away from people. Wealth provides jobs. You want to take away wealth and give people what they need? That's not right. Go to Cuba for that. In America, people should work hard and keep MOST of what they make. Taxes don't need to go up, they need to come down.

Zoooma said...

If you haven't noticed, we have an unemployment problem in America. Obama promised it wouldn't go above 8% if his urgent stimulus bill was passed. Where's it at now? Below 8%? No. Meanwhile he's making life for many unemployed somewhat comfortable through entitlement programs. Should taxes be raised to keep paying for those entitlement programs? How about LOWERING TAXES so businesses across the land can CREATE MORE JOBS? Obama has barely created squat. He's created some temporary government jobs but what else? He's done CRAP. And you want taxes raised so even less jobs can be created? That's insane.

How would you explain to someone who is out of work that they could have their job back if their company could afford to hire them again but you don't want to allow that to happen because you feel the company makes too much money and should have to pay more of it to the government? Fucking heartless.

Private sector wealth creates jobs that will better fund America's bank account to keep this nation afloat.

Zoooma said...

And another thing -- why would you want to take away someone's freedom to be as rich as they can be? That's their right. You and I and everyone has the right to honestly have more money than they'll ever need. Taking away most of that because they don't need it is wrong. If you want to do that to the wealthy, why not regulate everyone? You don't need a 43" plasma TV, a 12" will do just fine. You don't need a 5 room house, you need to trade it for a 2 room and give any of the profit to the government.

No. We don't do that in America. We don't tell anyone they have too much and they can live with less so hand it over. A socialist utopia this land will never be.

Zoooma said...

Seriously, how is keeping 10% and giving 90% to the government FAIR?

(No, you can't answer, it's rhetorical.)

What about people with TWO cars but they only need one?

Some people can't even afford one car.

How is that FAIR that some have two but some can't even have one?

Wouldn't it be FAIR if the person with two cars had to give one to the government so the government could give it to the person who can't even afford one. Yeah? FAIR?

If you want to regulate what's FAIR then where the hell do you draw the line? The car idea would seem FAIR to a LOT of people. Should it be the law of the land just as you want some people to fork over 90% of their earnings?

Again -- this isn't that kind of country. Accept it. Or leave.

Zoooma said...

How are the wealthiest 1% not entitled to their wealth? They are.

How will the wealthiest 1% turn America into a third world-like country? They won't. Government is doing that.

Government creates a few higher paying government jobs with enormous benefits and obscene pensions. Then government has a difficult time paying for it all. Why can't they afford to pay for it all? There isn't enough money coming in in the form of taxes.

And unions offer the same benefits and pensions and so the things they produce can't be priced at a rate to compete with other companies. When they can't compete very well, they can't hire as many workers. On top of all this, the corporate tax rate is so high, not many of the wealthiest people want their company to produce in America. You can't force them to be a company here so they leave for somewhere with lower taxes.

So raising taxes is the answer? Then citizens won't have much money to feed the economy and more people will have to get laid off. That'll mean more entitlement programs with more borrowed money and America's credit rating will go into the hole thus creating a third world-like country. Way to go, government! Notice it's government who is the problem.

The answer is for lower taxes and to let the wealthiest 1% keep their wealth so they can create jobs. What'll happen? Tax revenues for the United States will do what? They'll go in which direction? That's right -- tax revenues will RISE just like they did after Presidents Kennedy and Reagan cut taxes. When tax revenues rise, the GOVERNMENT doesn't have to borrow as much which will keep us from becoming a third world, possibly Chinese nation.

Lefty said...

"The answer is for lower taxes and to let the wealthiest 1% keep their wealth so they can create jobs." - absolutely. They will create jobs (or offshore to) in China, India, Malaysia, etc. - they've been doing that for quite a while. Their ONLY loyalty is to increasing their wealth, so cheapest labor is all that matters - the standard of living and U.S. economy - NOT AT ALL. By the way, with corporate loopholes the tax rate is BY FAR lowest in the U.S. - that's why no cororations are leaving LEGALLY (-they make their headquarters a mail drop in the Grand Cayman islands).

The government top-down are employees, and not of most of the people - most of the people do not have lobbyists.

Zoooma said...

"Their ONLY loyalty is to increasing their wealth, so cheapest labor is all that matters"

Your cynicism is disgusting and way off-base. You act like every corporation is evil.

Have you personally asked the CEOs of U.S. companies that manufacture outside of the U.S. if they seriously don't give a crap about their very own country? It seems that to you, all they see is dollar signs. That couldn't be further from the truth, especially considering many corporations who manufacture outside of the U.S. have AMERICAN stockholders. Stockholders aren't all greedy bastards. Many are working class Americans who care about their country. Big CEOs aren't all exactly like so many Dems in Congress i.e. ignoring the will of the people. It's just that BIG GOVERNMENT TAXES don't allow them to be able to compete in America. This country has one of the Top 3 highest corporate tax rates in THE WORLD. How does that benefit Out Of Work Joe on your street looking for a manufacturing job? It doesn't benefit him or MILLIONS of Americans AT ALL. Look at countries where the corporate tax rate is really LOW -- businesses are moving there. How many businesses are moving to America to give jobs to American citizens?

Who is responsible? U.S. government. They have it in their power to change tax codes and allow companies to manufacture and do business here and be competitive and profitable which would mean MORE JOBS and more people with health care coverage and more money to sink into the American economy.

Instead, Big Government is seemingly more interested in RAISING taxes to fund social and entitlement programs. Not good.

We the people don't have lobbyists. You're right. That's why Code Pink and the Tea Party formed, and other groups across the land, so folks could get heard. People are sick and tired of the idiots on Capitol Hill acting for themselves, their friends and for lobbyists while ignoring what The People want (and even need, like jobs.) That's what they're doing right this very second. Why on Earth would they lower taxes when they have all these new entitlement programs and new government offices to fund? Health care first, jobs later??? Thankfully there are citizens screaming about this. The more people scream, the more people in Congress might listen. And if they don't listen now, they'll hear it come November when The People vote for the politician who says he or she will do a better job creating jobs. Of course if they actually do is a whole 'nother matter but in order for this nation to survive, we must have hope that there actually are electable politicians who won't completely cave in to the black tie caviar Beltway mindset of ignoring the people.

Zoooma said...

Conspiracy filled comment not posted. No one owns and tells the U.S. government how to vote and/or how to run America. If that was true then the U.S House & Senate -- all of them -- should be working in Hollywood as actors because no one EVER, in any interview or on the floor of Congress, EVER lets on that their strings are being pulled from people above them.

They all have free will to vote however they want.

Lefty said...

"no one EVER, in any interview or on the floor of Congress, EVER lets on that their strings are being pulled from people above them." - YA THINK?!?!

Just like the assbags on Wall Street never admit they're stealing.

"They all have free will to vote however they want." - yes, and after they've taken cash and prizes fro the lobbyists they vote however the lobbyists want.

"Conspiracy filled comment not posted." - EVERYTHING I wrote is FACT. I believe you are afraid to post it (and others) because if anyone else joined this discussion they might agree with me. And you cannot stand (or even admit) when you're wrong. With all due respect you are FULL of yourself.

Enjoy the rest of your day, anyway.


Zoooma said...

Your conspiracy crap is exactly that -- crap. No evidence. Michael Moore is NOT fact, he's just fat, a fat Capitalist. You're actually suggesting that EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of Congress, what is that, like 500 something members? . . . you're actually suggesting they are ALL actively covering up that they're following orders from the "ELITE" (or bowing down to lobbyists and lobbyists alone without any care whatsoever for what the people say?) -- that's ludicrous, it's preposterous and can't be proven.

Yes, some, like Pelosi (obviously) do not care about the will of the people but all members of Congress are not greedy Pelosi-like bastards. And if they are ALL just following orders from the "ELITE" then damn, they are really talented actors and they oughta be in movies.

Hey, is Major League Baseball spying on us with satellites, too?

Lefty said...

"Hey, is Major League Baseball spying on us with satellites, too?" - I don't know. What do you think? Honestly.

Hey, are you enjoying the Winterland June 1977: The Complete Recordings set?



Lefty said...

"Hey, is Major League Baseball spying on us with satellites, too?" - I have NO idea. But, I think the blog should allow anonymous comments. It seems to be much more fitting with free speech, the democratic process, the American Way, Truth, Justice, and...(hey, that was starting to sound like Superman)

Hey, if one were to cannabalize their parents, do you think they would taste better with carrots or Brussels sprouts?

Have a good night.


Zoooma said...

No, I'm not enjoying the Winterland '77 box set. $100 for three shows I already have? I give liberally to various charities all helping children in need on this planet and to selfishly take away from them for something I don't need would be wrong. Besides, I don't enjoy music (or life) anymore and I don't expect to be around much longer.

Lefty said...

"Besides, I don't enjoy music (or life) anymore and I don't expect to be around much longer." - that sounds pretty dire. Extreme, in fact. Don't lose your perspective.

"I give liberally to various charities all helping children in need" - you're a good person (some of your political beliefs not withstanding).

I assume that you took no offense from my weak attempts at humor.

Happy Friday!


Zoooma said...

I've got everything clearly in perspective and that's precisely why I don't expect to be around much longer.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated