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Who's Your Papa?

Papa Mali with Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead - 10/11/09 Saxon Pub, Austin, Texas (SaveKUTAustin benefit)

Papa Mali and Seven Walkers

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saxon Pub, Austin, Texas

Papa Mali - guitar and vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Reed Mathis - bass
Matt Hubbard - keys

SaveKUTAustin benefit

Do Your Thing
Death Don't Have No Mercy
New Orleans Crawl
Wharf Rat
Mr. Charlie

This is my first time listening to Papa Mali and I'm impressed. My only complaints are I wish the show was longer and I kind of wish he mixed in another one or two of his songs to make this feel like less of a cover band. Aside from that this is a cool set of music. Do Your Thing is a Papa Mali original, I believe. It's kinda mellow to start but momentum builds nicely. Billy K is playing great, a marvelous backup to the guitar stylings of Papa Mali. This almost feels Doors-esque at times... or maybe a little Allmansy?

Death Don't Have No Mercy has a jazzy feel through some of it, I think because of the keys and the way Billy's playin' the skins, but there's a good amount of Delta blues in there, as well.

Much more of a jazzy feel throughout a new Robert Hunter tune, New Orleans Crawl. Yeah, this is straight off Bourbon Street... I can picture Louis Armstrong singin' this and blowin' that trumpet of his in place of Papa's guitar, or perhaps a Bing Crosby-Satchmo duet. Oh yeah, Robert must have been down in the Quarter when he got his inspiration for this one. Then again, he may have only written the lyrics and had no input on the music.

Have a listen to New Orleans Crawl. Lyrics by Robert Hunter.

Wow -- Bertha really gets goin' and Papa Mali's guitar work is excellent... not perfect but a couple times for little while I'm thinkin' he just nails it... but without sounding like Jerry. The bass could be crankin' a little more but what we get fits in really nicely. You can tell Billy loves playin' this one, especially at the end.

A lot of Hammond B-3 on this Wharf Rat gives it not a totally different sound but somewhat. While the organ sort of lifts the song to Heaven, the bass is the counterweight giving this a deeper, darker feel throughout. Billy being the sole drummer also gives this a noticeably different sound than a regular GD version. The way he drives all on his own is amazing and just hearkens back to the days before Mickey and when Mickey was absent from the Dead. The Rhythm Devils duo is an amazing sound but Billy can sure play on his own, even still all these years.

Having a very similar feel to Bertha (danceably energetic,) Mr. Charlie closes out the short set and it's an excellently fun version. Not quite Pigpen but better than Warren Haynes with The Dead. There's a nifty keyboard solo in there and Billy alone on drums just makes it so perfect.

Overall, a funky, jazzy, bluesy, jammy set of tunes that totally floats my boat! I'll be lookin' forward to more of this in the future. There's a Halloween show coming up so if you're in the Yosemite area, go check it out!

And here's Mr. Charlie for your listening pleasure

10-11-09 a.k.a. 10/11/09 a.k.a. 09-10-11
Download The Show Here
(320 kbps)

Papa Mali with Bill Kreutzmann - Austin 10/11/09

Lineage: Church Audio Cards-> CA-9100 pre amp ->
Microtrak 24/48 ->R8brain->CD Wave->TLH

Billy K, Austaper, and Papa Mali - 10/11/09 Saxon Pub, Austin, Texas
pictures borrowed from and copyright Austaper

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