Sunday, October 4, 2009

it's full

Some think that if the full moon is labeled on your calendar as, say, October 4, then the full moon occurs after the sun goes down on that day.

Wrong. Sometimes.

Today's full moon occurs:

OCT.  4  6 10
The 4 is the day. The 6 is the hour and the 10 is the minute. Full moon is at 6:10? A.m., yes, in London, not Ontario...

that's 1:10 a.m. East Coast time in America, land of the semi-free, home of the brave and way over-taxed with a government who is so freakin' full of themselves that they just don't truly give a crap and want to tax us even more, many of them do, freakin' nutjob dooshbags.

hey, genius, this was just about the moon, how'd it go political? beer. beer and a little bourbon before that. amazing how many correction i habve to make, see, but now i'm jut lookin at he ketboard and i'm not gonna correct 'em all. Still i ca type okay for many words but not all if i just keep going like so whatever ever ever ever blah blah bklah, hey, NCIS: LA -- best show ever with that hunky hunky studmuffin (if i was gay which i am not) what's his name? Callan a.k.a. Chris O'Donnell HOOOAHHHH---- Al Pacino would yell at him in that movie with the Ferrari anfd can't forget LL COOOL J not all caps but my thumb stuck on the key la di da di da, yeahso anyway, it's a great show, just watched 2 episodes, first two there've been not counting the semi-episode when they were on the regular NCIS at the end of last season? Something like that byut anyway, yada freakin' yada, hey..... full moon, ya know it can actually occur at like 3:o'freakin' clock in the afternoon! yeah, somewhere on the globe it does. really. weird, huh? 'cause, or as Juliet would write, "cuz" that's the way the world is.... yo.

hey. time for anuthah beer....... yo. full moon, oh, hey, 3 minutes from this sentence right here, actually about 2 minutes now, ready? on my mark............... ready? well? what the heck? are your ready or ain't'chya? Beer time.

freakin' 30 seconds to fridge and back didn't eat up much time, yo.
say, with a minutes to go, tell me, what the dang heck is wrong with the world? it's messed up, ain't it..... yo? Yo. Tis sure is, I tell ya what.

Full moon time. Ready?


i said............ MARK!

not yet.



Anonymous said...

just two words for you brother-dragon software-clickity period. hey zooma, ever caught the "60 minutes" episode with the dead where i think, don`t paraphrase me, phil agreed jerry loved dope more than playing with us? truly a difficult sunday. be good.

Anonymous said...


Like I said, alcohol can help, but certainly the escape is temporary. I hope that your pain and suffering pass quickly.


one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated