Wednesday, October 21, 2009

America's Safety Should Be #1


Sundar said...

This clip is such a piece of crap.

Zoooma said...

Is it wrong in some way? How so?

Anonymous said...

ALL wars are orchestrated to allow world banking to profit from debt and to allow the shareholders of defense contactors (and a few other industries) to profit from good business.

"uvThose are the facts, and they are undisputed.", Zooma.

Lef tee

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon # 1.

And I agree with Sundar:

1. Missile Defense? There is overwhelming evidence this would be an extremely expensive undertaking, and even then it may not be successful/effective.

2. Are you suggesting that CIA abuses should not be investigated? Just because 7 former CIA directors said so? There is so much brouhaha about investigating the elections in Afghanistan, but right in our own backyard there were criminal abuses. And you DON'T want them investigated???

3. And the quote from Charles Krauthammer from 'Fixed News'? Come on!

4. And btw, what's up with the references to the golf game, beer and trip to Copenhagan? Each of them was brief, lasting a few hours, if any. Compare this to W who took much longer trips to his ranch, lasting days when New Orleans was drowning.

Zoooma said...

All wars are orchestrated for banks and corporations to make money? Yeah... whatever.

Don't know much about missile defense.

Calling Fox News "Fixed News" is so lame. Lemme guess -- Keith Olbermann is one of your heroes? Sheesh, watch Fox for a day, objectively, and see for yourself how many lies they DON'T tell. You might disagree with opinion, that's fine, but come on, get real.

W. may have gone to Texas but in the President's defense, every trip isn't rest and relaxation. First thing every morning he's waking up to a briefing and he's always got people telling him what's going on. Same with Obama. But Copenhagen for the Olympics? Come on. And in his first 9 months on office he's done 22 fundraisers for the Dems. Bush in his first year -- 6. Party before country, I guess.

Lastly, if you make a circus of bringing to trial agents of the CIA who were acting to protect you and I, that's going to make that agency, in the future, think twice about how they gather intel. You take away their tools, we're less safe as a result. I don't want that. Do you? If abuses have taken place then they should be brought to trial. Same with armed forces, cops, civilians. But to say waterboarding is an abuse that's prosecutable -- no. That's really messed up thinking. They, the enemy, blows up Americans, shoots them execution style, even cuts their heads off WHILE THEY ARE ALIVE. Waterboarding: no one gets hurt and there's a doctor standing by. A doctor standing by? Really? Yeah, to make sure the person being interrogated doesn't get hurt. Hmmm. If it was prosecutable, Nancy Pelosi is an accomplice to it. She and others in Congress knew. Maybe Obama should be prosecuted for killing innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan with unmanned drones. Crimes are crimes, right?

Anonymous said...

"All wars are orchestrated for banks and corporations to make money? Yeah... whatever." - Well Z, it's not (entirely) your most you've been indoctrinated (subtly, grades 1-12...and possibly beyond).

Consider this fact - no matter who the pawns are, basically the same fuckfaces always profit.


Zoooma said...

Children of the American school system, indoctrinated to believe there are evil people in the world who cause wars or irrational conflicts that escalate out of control. Yup. We're all schmucks. Again -- whatever.

You make it sound as if men sit around a conference table and determine who's going to start killing who. Do they determine acceptable numbers of military deaths and civilians deaths? Do they determine who is off limits to kill? They probably sip champagne and smoke cigars when it's all over, right?

Do you know how preposterous that sounds?

Anonymous said...

Indeed! It sounds as preposterous as the notion that Prescott Bush's banks financed Hitler or that the Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program.

A lie believed by everyone is not the truth.

(...almost everyone)


Zoooma said...

Actually those two things don't sound that preposterous. That was a long time ago and A) sometimes people didn't know what exactly they were financing and B) sometimes, for whatever messed up reason, people wanted to be involved with stuff like that. I mean look at who Obama has employed -- some of them believe that the elderly aren't worth as much as the young, one who resigned believed the white man was the devil and that the white man should be forced to give his a significant amount of his earnings to those who don't make as much, one has ideas of forced sterilization of American society, and one idolizes Mao who was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people. This stuff's just not surprising anymore/doesn't sound preposterous given the wild ideas that man can have.

But men actually sitting down to plan wars like planning a birthday party or a film shoot -- yeah..... whatever.

Anonymous said...

"That was a long time ago and A) sometimes people didn't know what exactly they were financing" -- NO. A banker the stature of Prescott Bush knew EXACTLY what he invested in.

"sometimes, for whatever messed up reason, people wanted to be involved with stuff like that." -- That certainly provides validation. So it follows..."for whatever messed up reason" I will exterminate Jews. Or, "for whatever messed up reason" I will invade Iraq. Or, "for whatever messed up reason" I'll shred the Constitution to spy on and detain U.S. citizens. Or, "for whatever messed up reason" I'll write several Executive Orders giving FEMA unchecked power to be used after martial law is declared.

Have you ever researched Project for the New American Century? Or read The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen?

And, it's nothing like planning a birthday party - we're discussing greedy ruthless families who believe they are ENTITLED to rule the world.


Zoooma said...

Stop. Just stop. There are no people out there plotting to rule the whole world. I don't care what you read, no one's pulling the strings on everything that happens around the entire planet. See a shrink.

The End.

Anonymous said...

The world banking cartel IS controlling the world - economic control, my friend. There are a LOT of strings attached to economics. (Open your eyes. Open your mind.)

"Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes the laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

I don't need to see a shrink. You need to be deprogrammed.

A lie believed by everyone is not the truth.

(...almost everyone)


Anonymous said...

...a bit late coming to this table, but two quickies:

1) Bush seemed to NOT be listening to one of those briefings while he was "clearing brush" (ok, Yale, guy. Clear away..). I speak of the briefing that informed him that 9-11 was just around the corner.

2) I love your Dead taste, but I find it hard to stomach the Bill O'Reily-style of ending debates ("stop, just stop") when faced with something you might find is true should you take the time to research.
Take the high ground--no one will accuse you of acting like an elitist, intellectual liberal snob should you do some research and deliver a big FACTUAL KO that leaves your liberal opponent speechless.

I listen to both Air America and conservative radio shows at work, and that's the difference.
On Air America, no one just screams "I'm right, you're wrong, next caller" to opposing viewpoints.
Instead, they (as often as they can) try to find out where the caller got their info from and attempt to explain the truth, and if proven wrong, will say "Ok, I did not know that, thanks".

Like an old professor of mine used to say "Sustain your discourse".
Jerry would appreciate that for sure...he could talk a subject to death, even contradicting himself several times...but laughingly admit it too, when he was wrong.

To paraphrase Whitman (the first hippie), of course I contradict myself! I contain multitudes!

Zoooma said...

If it's a discussion on something legitimate then hopefully I'm not going to tell someone to zip it. I'll just get tired and not answer back like on the most recent political post of mine.

But if some marxist leftist conspiracy theorist nutjob starts spewing forth bullshit about whatever, then yeah, I'm gonna tell him to just stop it. Who the hell has time for that crap? I don't have the time for it nor do I have the time to research those wacky ideas that not even Glenn Beck thinks are true. (If he did, he'd be telling people about them.) When someone lives and breaths the conspiracy stuff, they usually have no legitimate sources to back up their beliefs. If the baloney they go around telling people about was factual, more intelligent people in the media would be investigating and bringing it to the public's attention. Are they? No. Why? It's Bullshit. If it's real life conversation on taxes or healthcare or what-have-you, then I'm all in... until I get tired of the conversation going round and round and round as it usually does. But the second someone goes to the idiocy of the one world government who is already pulling our strings or the U.S. Military actively carried out 9/11 or all wars are planned out ahead of time in board rooms in the name of profit, I'm out of the room.

Zoooma said...

And what does this mean: "ok, Yale, guy. Clear away.."

Does that mean a guy who went to Yale shouldn't be clearing brush? Maybe he should have his illegal Mexican gardener doing it because work like that is beneath someone who went to Yale? I'm not saying that's what you're saying, I'm asking if that's what you're saying. That would be so elitist, wouldn't it?

What's the point in that statement?

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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