Friday, August 8, 2008

Yayyyy! The Olympics are Here!!!

The 2008 Summer Olympics
have officially kicked off today in Communist China.


Normally I like really dig the Winter Olympics.
Just about everything except figure skating
I could watch from start to finish.

But when it comes to the Summer Games,
usually I'm like, "eh, whatever."

This summer is different.

I'm not like "eh, whatever" because China
absolutely should NOT be getting any glory
from hosting these Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee...
who chose Beijing to be the host city in 2008...
should be bloody ashamed of themselves.

Reporters Without Borders / Reporters sans frontières Beijing Pekin Olympics Summer Games rings 2008

"Tibet...Tibet had been an independent country since ancient times. Tibetan have been protecting the teachings of Buddhism for centuries. In 1950, China's military invaded Tibet. China deprived Tibetan people of their own country. China deprived Tibetan people of Buddhism. 99% of Buddhist temples have been destroyed in Tibet. China deprived Tibetan people of their families. The number of Tibetans who have been murdered during the past half century has reached 1.28 million."

"A certain person said to me,
"Don't mix up sports with politics. Sports should be removed from politics."
I answered as follows,
Many lives of innocent people are threatened at this moment. How can anyone enjoy Beijing olympics while knowing that many lives of innocent people are threatened? We should raise a voice in protest now.
It is a moral principle.
It is a human action."

"Chinese military attacked and invaded Tibet in 1950. China occupied Tibet who was the fully independent nation before the invasion of China. China has been torturing and slaughtering enormous numbers of innocent Tibetan civilians since 1950. TIBETAN VICTIMS of CHINESE ATROCITIES reaches 1.28 million people. Tibetan people have been suffering from China's cruel and bloody repression. Please don't apply the word "Human Right Abuse" to what is going on in Tibet. What is going on in Tibet? China has been committing "Cultural Genocide" against Tibetan people in the form of ethnic cleansing since China's invasion. "Cultural Genocide" against Tibetan people should be called "Unforgivable Humanitarian Tragedy".

"Tibetan people have the legitimate right of racial self-determination as well as the independence of Kosovo was acknowledged by the international community. The population of Kosovo is 2 million (90% is Albanian). The population of Tibetans is more than 5.4 million only in China. Tibetan people have the right to declear the independence from China. China is just invader. The international community should condemn China as invader violated Tibetan's sovereignty."

Human Rights Watch

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Anonymous said...

What a shame they decided to have the Olympics in China. I don't understand those who say that politics should be separate from sports. The opening ceremonies last night were spectacular, but there is no denying that it was all about promoting China, not just culturally, but politically. It just seems so wrong that the Olympic committee chose to ignore so years of human rights abuses. yl

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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