Thursday, August 28, 2008

"I might be Teddy Roseyvelt, but I ain't"

Because there'll be nothing else, I'll make this a cartoon day.


"Hillbilly Hare"

Interesting that this was once edited censored (like many others) to remove "violence." Whatever... it's Bugs Freakin' Bunny! Eventually it even got banned from the ABC television network. Banned?!?! This doesn't really surprise me -- people are just too sensitive sometimes. There's actually a fair amount of violence in Looney Tunes but I don't think "The cartoon rabbit made me do it" defense would ever stand up in court. Even the judge would agree -- it's Bugs Freakin' Bunny... it's funny!! Case dismissed.

Release Date: August 12, 1950

Directed by: Robert McKimson

Voices: Mel Blanc ~~ Music: Carl Stalling

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one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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