Monday, September 14, 2009


Pedro Martinez of the Phillies totally outduels the Mets As a New York Mets fan, I was conflicted beyond belief last night. Even when sucking monkey butt, to cheer against the Mets would be a sin punishable by being forced to swim in the East River, I think. Last night not only did I cheer against the Mets, I cheered for the Philadelphia Phillies. Mets fans are supposed to HATE the Phillies. I do hate them... generally... except when Pedro Martinez is pitching. And last night against the Mets he pitched a doozy! (Hmm, I don't think I've ever typed that word before. Cool.)

ANYWAY... at this point in September, just three weeks before the end of the season, it's a game that should have had importance or ideally no importance as hopefully the Mets would have been so far ahead in the division by now that they'd have 1st Place locked up. Not quite in '09... again. So an unimportant game it was, for the most part, but as a Mets fan not living in the NY-NJ area, I've got to watch when they're on national TV.

Dilemma, though, as my favorite football team -- Da Bearz -- was also on. Season opener and not only were they on
Sunday Night Football, they were playin' the Packers. No Favre for the Pack anymore but still an important game. Too bad there was barely any offense and the game sucked. No worries 'cause Da Bearz'll get 'em at Soldier Field later in da season. And if they had Ditka, the score, easily, would be like 190 to negative 10.

Anyway... after baseball I got to see the end of that disappointment but for awhile there it was all Pedro dominating the Mets. He kicked the Mets' collective asses and how sweet it was -- seven strong innings, 6 strike outs, 0 runs. He was in command. That's pitchin', man! No one expected him to come out to pitch the 8th, especially after going beyond 100 pitches for his second outing in a row. Looked like he put in a great 7 and that was that. But since the Phils' bullpen can't be trusted with less than a ten run lead, they went with Pedro for another 3 outs. First batter for the Mets: hero David Wright. When he struck out, holy moly, that was the moment when I cheered the loudest. And that was the moment I realized what a traitor-for-a-night I was. Uhhhh... I hate the Phillies, remember?! Yes, I knew that. Total conflict of interest and it'll never happen again.

But when ya love baseball, last night was a dandy!


Anonymous said...

yes red sox blah.blah. keep hope alive THE GRATEFUL DEAD. maye a dead with the band 84? maybe huh.later

cheeze whiz said...

hey butthead - still wishing bush was back in office? you deserve the n.y. mets as well - keep praying for success - meantime we freedom fighters are out here in the gutter munching our cheesesteaks and cheering for a real team.

Zoooma said...

There was nothing remotely political in this post so why you gotta go mentioning a former president who ain't even relevant anymore? What the hell?

Tell ya what -- Fuck yer Phillies, fuck yer Flyers, the Sixers don't matter and fuck the Eagles.

Cheese whiz don't belong on Cheesesteaks, ya mofo. I'm goin' to Geno's, thanks... but then again, a couple dogs from Nathan's or Gray's Papaya will always be better than anything from Philly. It's a shame that city's right next to Jersey... it oughta be in Illinois.

Anonymous said...


Philly in IL - NO THANKS! Too close.

Urlacher out for the season - ain't that a kick in the eye!?!? Both our local baseball team sucked (- I've been a Cubs fan since '67). So, it's time for hockey - GO HAWKS!!

Pizza. I had it in Jersey a couple of times - MUCH better in Chicago.

We seem to agree on something else - Philadelphia blows!


sean said...

not Jim, but Joe Wilson, right?

Zoooma said...

Joe, Jim, whatever. He's still a racist for disagreeing with the president, right? Well, Jimmy Carter says so.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout he's still a fuckin' ASSHOLE (and then some) for his uncontrolled outburst? I don't know if it was racially motivated, but was he off his medication and didn't realize where he was???? (Respect the office, if not the man, right? I mean, if one could actually wipe their ass with a U.S. President, it would obviously be George W. Bush. He EARNED that.)

It was NOT a matter of "disagreeing with the President". C'mon - do you REALLY believe that?



Zoooma said...

If he wasn't disagreeing with the president, what was he doing? Calling him a nigger?

Give me a break, Lefty. You're seriously fucking insane.

By the way, I do believe that rules of Congress state no cheering.

You really believe that cheering is just fine but disagreement is not?

Don't answer. Go away.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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