Sunday, February 14, 2010

Republican Propaganda?

It's sad that people who watch Fox News are labeled as idiots. It's also sad that people have decided that Fox News is "predetermined biased crap." It's not. There are no orders from the top to let people only hear Republican points of view. They often (but not always) give viewers the other side of an issue which allows viewers to make up their own mind based on those two sides. Some people don't like that, they don't like that the general population hears the opposing point of view. If it was up to them, people would only hear what they want them to hear. Anything else is threatening to what they want and what's threatening must be bad and denounced. The ends justify the means -- denounce always, denounce drastically, even if it's not true. It doesn't matter if they lie about Fox News because they've accepted that's it's better to run with the lie and look down their noses at people who don't think their way. I have so much respect for people who can discuss in a civil manner. Unfortunately some people begin showing their elitism and feel it's perfectly fine to display meanness when it comes to anyone who thinks differently. That's not right.

And here's an example of "predetermined biased crap." It would make sense, according to some, that this guy talking would be preaching the Republican party line, right?

He's a Democrat.


Anonymous said...

Fox News delivers right wing-oriented news as well as right wing commentary all day long on their talk shows.

MSNBC does about the same for left wing views.

The difference is that Fox News does more than report the news--they make it too. The first gathering of tea partiers was not some grass roots event, it was organized by its professional promoters with the aid and free publicity of Fox News. This is where they cross the line from being news reporters to news makers. And that is against FCC regulations.

Zoooma said...

First of all, is it wrong for media outlets to have opinionated people on giving their opinion? That's what America's new channels have turned into, in part but certainly not completely. Anyone who thinks it's ALL propaganda is truly delusional.

If Fox News "delivers right wing-oriented news as well as right wing commentary all day long" then is having Democrats giving the left side of the aisle point of view purely an illusion to my eyes? Too much LSD for me in the past?

Seems to me Fox News gives the left an opportunity to explain their side of things. Is that not true? Anthony Weiner (D) proves it's true.

B) Can you please provide evidence that Fox News organized the first Tea Party gathering? This seems like a pretty big accusation that surely Brian Williams and other responsible journalists would have covered. Those people like to expose such things . . . so have they?

I contend Fox News is responsible for creating Tea Party excitement just as much as any media outlet is responsible when a killer goes out and slaughters people a day or two or even months or years after someone else does. When media outlets cover events, they are giving free publicity to those events, whether it's a local community planting a garden or a gathering of protesters. All the media outlets are also responsible for getting more and more people to help Haiti. Free publicity you might not agree with as far as getting people excited about protesting the current White House and Congress, but free publicity is a side effect of reporting what's happening in America. The only way to shut down influence is to control the media. There's no need for that because thankfully some networks are responsible enough to let people have more than one point of view. But it's not like they're giving viewers orders on what to do and how to think. People make up their own minds.

MT said...

You have a very enlightened political perspective for a music blog owner. Although your outlook is (thankfully) shared by the majority of Americans, one finds that music blog denizens tend to be rather juvenile, gullible, and myopic in their political beliefs. In a word, they're liberals.

Thanks for the breath of fresh air. I think I'll go watch Fox News now to get both sides. And to see Megan Kelly...

Anonymous said...

MT -

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,ha....

I guess this supports one man's "breath of fresh air" is another's messy bowel movement.


Zoooma said...

Lefty, this is exactly why you'll continue to not get comments published here.

It's fine to disagree with people who think differently than you. It's fine to discuss in a civil manner. But when you start disparaging people for how they think, that ain't right. Your comment, posted as an example of what you're seemingly all about, epitomizes the meanness some people have in them.

Seriously, if you can't disagree and discuss without denouncing someone or how they think, go away.

Anonymous said...

Zooma, I don't know why you are so OBSESSED with defending Fox News when it comes to being "fair and balanced". They are a completely biased right wing media outlet that sprinkles in a little bit of Shepherd Smith to give the impression that they are not what they appear. Do you actually listen to Hannity, Beck, Laura Ingram??? Why even gives these creeps a forum to spew their unbalanced rhetoric if you are so bent on portraying yourself as fair? I wish you would come to your senses as you appear too intelligent to me to close your mind to all ideas and points of view. Might I suggest PBS, CNN or CSPAN - all are excellent sources of news that give you the facts and don't tell you how to think.

Zoooma said...

It's important to stop people from lying. Many left wing liberals want to propagate the idea (the lie) that Fox News is right wing Republican propaganda. It's not but people take it a step or twenty further and they use that lie to denounce anyone who gets information from that channel, even if it's true and makes the Dems in Congress or the President look bad.

Why are other networks' ratings in the tank? People, a majority of them, do not want to watch that immensely biased hatred. Why is Fox News most trusted, not according to the slogan but according to POLLS? Because they offer MULTIPLE POINTS OF VIEW so people can make up their own mind on issues.

Hannity and Beck certainly are conservative thinkers. But here's the thing, two things, actually -- those are largely OPINION shows (not hard news.) And have you watched and heard Beck criticize Republicans? Let me say that a different way: if you watched and paid attention, you would hear Beck criticize Republicans. (How's that Republican propaganda?!) He does it every single day. He's not out there saying "everything Republicans do is right and everything Democrats do is wrong." That's not his mantra by any means. It's not unbalanced rhetoric at all. Beck tells things like they are. He lays out facts on the table. The viewer can then do with them what he or she wants. And again, it's an opinion show.

Hannity has on mostly people who agree with him but guess what -- Hannity ALSO has on Democrats who DISAGREE with him. You have not seen this, I imagine. So it's not completely unbalanced for that hour.

ALL DAY LONG on that network there are DEMOCRATS on. Fox News can in no way be labeled a right wing media outlet when they openly spread the Democrat point of view. Anthony Weiner on Megyn Kelly's show is an example of that. There are hundreds more examples but unfortunately they all don't get posted to Youtube. If I can figure out how, I'll start recording and posting to Youtube all the DEMOCRATS on Fox News who give the DEMOCRAT point of view. Unbalanced simply is not true.

And finally, you're under the impression that Fox News actually tells people how to think. That's insane or it's no more insane than people like Paul Begala on CNN telling America (the few who watch Wolf Blitzer compared to the many who watch Fox News... have ya seen the ratings?!) that people who think differently than Obama are morons. I'm sure he didn't actually say morons but he's said many inflammatory things. That's why I don't watch CNN 'cause that crap happens there... but not as much as MSNBC, of course. And PBS? Fahgetaboutit. They're certainly not balanced. I do watch BBC News on PBS but that's different.

It's just so messed up that people can't actually recognize that Fox News has on DEMOCRATS giving their point of view. Issue - Republican P.O.V. - Democrat P.O.V. How is that right wing and not balanced? It's got to be like a form of a delusional syndrome, perhaps. Liberals, if they watched, could actually see Democrats on Fox News Channel... but those who saw with their own two eyes could never admit that Dems were on Fox News Channel.

(And a personal note to Lefty -- I won't present counter arguments to your conspiracy theories way of thinking. Go talk to Mulder because I'm not going to deal with that idiocy.)

Anonymous said...

The Tea Parties were based on a rant at CNBC by R Santelli check it on youtube. Fox didn't drive things these things were grass roots happenings driven by conservative bloggers and conservative sites like Free Republic.

They are almost as mad at big government pubbies as they are at dems.

Zoooma said...

Santelli may have been the catalyst but i GUARANTEE there are people out there who are so close-minded and stubborn and deranged that they'll never admit that even if they know it's true.

The myth has been spread around that Fox News organized the Tea Party movement. Truth is they did cause excitement about it but why is that? People were getting extremely FED UP with the Federal government. Tea Party movement began to take form. Fox News covered it as news . . . which it was and other networks and media outlets barely gave the movement any non-biased press. What a joke on their parts. What a freakin' joke. But Fox News covered it. They did not take part. They did not tell people this is what they should be taking part in. They did not tell people to go. They did not announce when and where to go. They did not tell people this is how they should be thinking. They just covered it.

People finally started feeling like they had an outlet, that they could rise up against what seemed like Congressional and Presidential dictatorship that has taken over America lately. Twas grass roots indeed and tis still grass roots today. Some people, though, just can't wrap their minds around the fact that there are so many who are so angry with Obama as President. What's he done? Nothing. How's that Guantanamo closing goin'? Do a majority of Americans want terrorists tried in civilian court? NO! How's the deficit and the debt? Growing? Yes. Does a majority of America want the healthcare bill as it is right now? NO! Reform YES but not how Congress wants to push it.

If it wasn't for the Tea Party movement, the people would whisper but now they can shout so the politicians hear them.

But they're just all hateful racists who wish for Obama to be assassinated, right?

Wrong. They represent red state America, not all of America, but a pretty hefty chunk of it. This nation isn't Obama left. It's right of center -- SMALLER government, LESS spending, LOWER taxes, PRIVATE SECTOR jobs -- and elections will show that this year and in 2012.

bk said...

"Seems to me Fox News gives the left an opportunity to explain their side of things. Is that not true? Anthony Weiner (D) proves it's true."

I'm sorry, having a Democrat or liberal appear every once in a while does not qualify Fox as balanced or fair. You're drawing on an episodic observation and trying to apply it as a rule for the news channel. That logic doesn't hold up.

If you break down Fox news' coverage, a healthy majority of its daily programs are opinion based and they represent a transparent right wing agenda. Even Ailes recently said that the Obama administration has a legitimate gripe with their coverage.

Sorry to say this, but your head is in the sand.

Zoooma said...

Here's the problem with what you and others are saying -- Fox does not have on Democrats only every once in awhile. I'll get this out of the way now: they are not equally balanced but they are more balanced than anyone else on TV. What would not be fair and what would be propaganda is if they have Republicans on all day long to push the GOP agenda. But that's not what they do. Fox OFTEN has on one party to discuss an issue and then they have on the opposite party to give a rebuttal. That's fair. A lot of people are missing that/not believing that to be true because they don't watch.

Another problem in what you say is Fox's hourly breakdown does NOT include a healthy majority of right wing, opinion-based programs. 6 hours of the late night and early morning are repeats. 1 right wing leaning show (Red Eye) is on at 3 a.m. Eastern. 2 of the other 17 hours (6 a.m. to 11 p.m.) is your "healthy majority." Two out of seventeen is not a healthy majority by any stretch of the imagination.

Yes, Hannity bends the balance because he's a Republican who doesn't give much voice to Dems. Beck is a conservative libertarian but he does not promote Republicans only. He gives facts from a Constitutional and fiscally responsible view point. He is also crystal clear in his criticism of Republicans. Have you ever personally heard that? It's true. I'll bet you Obama's accumulated debt so far that if you actually watched, you'd see he's fair and there'd be things he says that you agree with.

So take all those seventeen hours and actually count up the number of non-partisan news stories and count up the number of times a Democrat has a chance to speak compared to the number of times a Republican has and you're going to come out to pretty close to even. I guarantee it. If Fox truly was a right wing outfit hellbent on destroying Democrats, they wouldn't have Dems on. They do. Plenty of them.

And I can see how Obama sure can have a gripe about Fox's coverage. Imagine you're rebuilding a house. Except those non-transparent meetings you have secretly behind closed doors, a foreman is watching your every move. All the while he's telling you that maybe there's a better way and maybe you should listen to all those people who also think there's a better way. Because they're concerned, that foreman and those people are not giving you a pass to rebuild your house however you want to. You might get frustrated and you, too, might have a gripe because you want to do it your way without criticism. When it comes to rebuilding a house, you should be able to do it your way if it's your house. When it comes to government and the nation, it's not Obama's to do whatever he wants with and no one should be giving him a free pass. Sadly many media organizations do give him a free pass. That is not a good thing.

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