Saturday, January 23, 2010

President Failure

... one year later:

Hmmm... Fox News Channel but no Republican propaganda.
But . . . but . . . that's what some people think Fox News is.
If they'd actually just watch and have an open mind,
they'd see that's an irrational myth.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you keep the politics in your own home...focus on the music as that's something we can all agree on!

Zoooma said...

I was gonna say that Inspiration Move Me Brightly could very well be considered an extension of my home but I'm basically homeless so I guess that doesn't apply. Since that's the case I'll say this has never been just a music blog. I'm an opinionated person who sometimes needs to type and this is where I might do that.

Anonymous said...

The definition of "home" is an objective one, you know what I meant...opinions are cheap and useless and your time is better served holding your elected officials responsible by writing to them directly, formulating petitions and most importantly voting. All the morons on Fox News and MSNBC are contributing NOTHING to moving our country forward and that's a shame.

Zoooma said...

While you might not want to read opinions (or my opinions) I have every right to put 'em here and God Bless America for that. You're right, though, they are useless without action. For a long, long time now I've known so well that complaining without action is mostly pointless. Getting things off one's chest rather than keeping stuff bottled is a good thing so voicing opinion can be useful to some. But too many people engage in no real action other than voting and that's too bad. Voting's not enough, though. The act of writing to a member of Congress might in itself be useless but I also write and mail actual letters, maybe a handful a year. It's not much but it's something because again, you're right that opinions without action are useless. In the past year we've also seen how town halls and peaceful protests can also make politicians realize they've got to reconsider their ideas when the majority does not want that kind of change.

And why do people rise up? The media plays a huge part. I wouldn't call everyone on Fox News and MSNBC (and other networks) morons who aren't doing anything. They bring issues to people. Some give the facts, some their opinion, some a combo of the two. Some are biased, some are not even though they are accused of being so. Fox sometimes brings issues to light that other networks and/or media outlets are not covering because they're Obama cheerleaders. I'd argue that because more people watch TV than read, Fox (and others) is more important than other sources of news. If those "morons" suddenly stopped what they're doing, America would have an even greater population of morons than we already have. They don't move American forward but they play an important part in getting people to think.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the tea party town hall protesters is that their only mission is to hate Obama and anything remotely resembling liberal policies. What, may I ask have they contributed to the debate in terms of alternative ideas??

Zoooma said...

If your perception of the tea party protesters is that their only mission is to hate Obama, you've been getting your news from the wrong place(s). That's essentially completely untrue. It's not about hating a man or hating liberal policies, it's about disagreement about what's best for America. Disagreement is not automatically hatred and no one's judgment of hundreds of thousands of people should be based on a few radicals portrayed as the symbol of the protests. Those who truly hate are not the symbol of, they are the exception.

What have these people in disagreement contributed in terms of alternative ideas? That's not their job. Their mission is to wake government up to the fact that there's a significant portion of America who opposes what Congress and the President is doing. It's up to our elected officials to see that; it's their job to come up with alternative ideas that a majority of Americans can be behind. Look at all the polls -- in the past year, that has been far from the case and that's why there's been so much outrage. All they've done is gone behind the backs of the American people, ignoring their voice, working on ideas that a majority of Americans don't want and don't think will work.

If they ignore their constituents and pass legislation that a majority simply does not want, there's going to be more change and that's going to be change back to more Republican/Conservative ideals as evidenced in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. But if Obama and Congress can come to the middle and listen to the Republicans' ideas and work on what a majority of Americans agree with, then maybe they all have a chance to accomplish good things for this nation. And maybe they have a chance to get re-elected.

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